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Dilmah Earl Grey In Silk Bags

on October 26, 2014

I am into Hoity Toity tea drinking or should I say, tea slurping! 😁

To bohemians like me, tea is tea and regardless it comes in normal tea bags or silk bags, ’tis tea!

But my brother would frown and in puckered tones, tell me, ” don’t waste time and drink tea only in silk bags!” – aaah lifestyle of the rich and famous….to me, a humble cup of tea was just tea with no frills.

He shoved a box of 50 sachets to me and urged me to try. Today, I boiled a kettle of water and could remember his strong advice to let water cool a little before infusing the tea bag. Good tea, it seems, must only be drunk at 80 odd degrees and not at boiling point.

Dilmah has good brand of teas and my favorite blends are usually English Breakfast and Earl Grey. Lipton has the Lady Early Grey but I prefer just Earl Grey.

Truth be told, my brother was indeed correct. 😉

Tea bags made out of silk bags tasted better.

He poohed poohed at the 100s tea bags made with paper that I use to buy off supermarket shelves for Lipton and realized that he was indeed correct in that those tea bags made out of paper like material contained tea dust and not tea leaves.

He criticized the other brand, Boh tea, saying that is a class grade lower than Lipton. “Boh is absolutely tea dust” he muttered….”left overs” and told me to put it back.

The Earl Grey I had this morning had piquant flavors and hints of fine aromas of Earl Grey. Indeed the silk bags that contained the tea leaves were gorgeous to drink when brewed into tea.

I had wanted to reuse the bag and infuse another Cuppa tea but my brother frowned again as he tut tutted away saying that good tea is brewed once and discarded.

I felt it was a waste but to him, it was the proper way of drinking tea.

Ahh well, I ain’t of upper class breeding as they say, I am realistic and drink tea in the normal way. My brother has always had a discerning palate and enjoy good food and wine.

But, by George (as the Brits would say), he was absolutely correct. 😝

Dilmah tea bags made out of silk indeed had a refined tea taste and brought out a great cup of tea that I much enjoyed.

I am off for another Cuppa… to join me 😄


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