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Funny Bone…Wherefore Art Thou Thy Funny Bone?

on October 28, 2014

My funny bone has taken leave…gosh, it has vanished like vapour into thin air!

No amount of radiologic equipment can trace this darn funny bone within this carcass of mine….quite unsure if it is medically certifiable that I even had a funny bone in the first place.

Gone are the laughter, hilarity and chuckles (mind you, not that evil, Chucky character! LOL) as I struggle with the realities of life.

Sigh….the A & E room at the hospital seems to be my favourite location between 7pm and 9pm and I firmly told the Emergency Doctor there that, this will be the last time I will be meeting him at A &E…as if like Secret Squirrel, I whispered, “We gotta stop meeting like this….” then my funny bone appeared, out of no where, it reared its funny head and said, “Let’s meet over coffee…it is better that way”

When managing elders, I become the Parent In Charge! All of a sudden, I am the so called Charles In Charge! Like Scott Baio who played the character Charles in this particular hit TV sitcom I much enjoyed, I become a pompous ass!

If only elders will move along to consult the doctor when they feel unwell, then this Parent In Charge need not be charging home after 12 hours of slavery on the docks to be ranting and raving like a lunatic to get them to A & E.

Can I officially give up?! Erm, nope as I have to play referee too during their bouts of word wrestling! “Co-exist”,  I yelled! Hearing loss, I have to raise my voice. It takes energy to raise a full decibel and roar like Leo, the Lion. I should be a zoo keeper really, at least I can control those animals and stick needles into them or force feed them when these animals in the kraal or enclosure is ill!

Thankfully, my kindly dear doctor is always available for me on mobile phone. I am ever so grateful for smart or text messaging as they serve me very well during such moments of “exciting” moments – such dramas…I can actually write the next pilot episode of PARENT IN CHARGE and I ain’t even married and I do not have live children! All my  “kids” are inanimate furry Garfield stuffed toys – the proud creation by Jim Davis that I absolutely love and hug to bits! They do not hurt, poo or pee and no feeding required. They stay exactly as you leave them, in a heap, squooshed or face down (though I always envisage crib death!!)

I hope the two seniors I have at home gets well soon…it is tough growing old but it is even tougher acting like a parent to real parents who becomes a child as they age. If my memory serves me right ( and I cannot confirm here really as anaesthesia has literally robbed a lot of my childhood memories) I was a good child, obedient and always read books in a corner following the adage that “kids should be seen and not heard” 😀

I will grow old and crotchety one day….when I do, I have no one to yell at me nor help poke me along to the A & E….maybe there will be a kind pseudo PARENT IN CHARGE by then who will mosey me along to the A & E when I need to be pushed 😉


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