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Observing A Spider – Bird Becomes Kancheong Spider

on October 29, 2014

My muse at work is Bird and of course Chicken.

Bird gives me and the rest of my colleagues in my department much humor as she sometimes say the oddest things. This is accentuated by Chicken poking her too.

Yesterday was a disappointing day for Bird as she spent time doing the work of a colleague universally named, “Long Haired Devil” – seriously, this woman has hair that is so long and not tied up neatly, replicating the Pontianak (Malay female ghost that lives in the banana plant) and is to add, an absolute scatter brain.

Bird being bird, hardly gets annoyed and when she can get irate or irked, it meant that the Long Haired Devil is indeed a problem. We all empathised with Bird.

Here is how the story went…..

Bird requested an Excel spread sheet of names of the Long Haired Devil’s unit so that I could conduct lessons.  Bird received the spread sheet and found it crappy. Basically, it made no sense.

After confirming with the Long Haired Devil the names of the people – close to 120 pax, Bird did a clean up and presented a spreadsheet that made sense and met my standard of approval. Bird sends it back to Long Haired Devil and the ghost replies, “oooh so pretttyyy!!” – Bird thought this was the end of that piece of work.

Few minutes later, she receives another call to say, “oooh you not so pretttyyy!” – apparently the ghost did not confirm the names of people available for the course and she re-jigged the spreadsheet which meant that Bird had to re-do all over again and to top it off, ghost told her she is no longer pretty!

Bird was irked and said, “it is the spreadsheet that is not pretttyyy lah! I am preeettty!”

Chicken could not hold back her laughter and said to Bird, “Wah you Kancheong Bird Spider today!” [Kancheong is a dialect word meaning “highly excitable”] and Chicken is right as I realised that indeed when I see spiders, they are always in an agitated state when seen!

Bird said, “yeeeee!! So gross!! I hate spiders and I don’t wish to be considered like a spider!”

Ok lah Bird, we will stop calling you kancheong spider today!!!



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