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Farewell Dinner With Nephew

on December 29, 2014

Sigh….it is official….Nephew has left for Kiwi Land this evening!

I will miss this Bieber looking boy.  UGH he hates it when I use Bieber to describe him. Can’t blame the kid as Bieber is one bad boy!

Nephew was visibly tired arriving Singapore from Hanoi yesterday evening at 5.30pm.

Still we went for dinner as Dad was buying a farewell dinner. Probably see them in a year’s time when it is year end university break.

With aged parents, time is precious and I am always hoping for Sister & Nephew to spend more time with parents/grand parents.

It is a blessing to have both parents around but I know they are not immortals.


27 Course Meal - We Pigged Out!

Food at RELC Orange Grove is always consistently served by Ban Heng Restaurant.

We had loads of dishes starting with their signature Ngoh Hiang, Spring Rolls and Fish Maw Soup.

Prawn Salad followed, dou fu fried with veggies, roasted chicken, Thai Style Garoupa Fish, Sliced Fish With Spring Onions & Ginger, Sweet & Sour Pork, Cereal Oats Prawns, Teochew Braised Duck, Fried Rice With Silver Fish, Sweet Sour Fish, Yam Paste With Gingko Nuts, Sea Coconut With Longans, Lemon Grass Jelly with Fruit Cocktail just to name some of these yummy dishes we ate.

As you can tell we are a foodie nation and I cannot remember all 27 dishes LOL! Variety is spice of Life!

I was happy to sup with them but sad knowing they were leaving.

I wish them all a safe flight home and will wait with trepidation for my Sis’ reply to let me know they safely arrived home.

5 responses to “Farewell Dinner With Nephew

  1. hazeem000 says:

    i have a feeling you wrote this to make your bloggers hungry. 😉

  2. scifihammy says:

    Sad to say goodbye, but nice to have seen your family. The food looks delicious! And Can you not track their plane on the internet? It is what I do when my daughter’s fly 🙂

  3. SaBiscuit says:

    Yummy photo. Happy going towards the end of year GH!

  4. It’s really good to see you had a great time having dinner with your whole family. All the dishes looked incredibly tasty. You are such a winner…You successfully made me hungry again lol 😛

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