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Mindless Job Versus A Mindful Job

on December 29, 2014

I have always dreamed of a mindless job, whereby I need not work too hard but still enjoy a decent salary.

I used to eye the job of a cashier at the gas station a block away from where I lived and would dream working the night shift. Customers would be limited as there was only a one way traffic to get to this gas station. Further, it was nice and quiet which meant that I could catch 40 winks and if bored, do crosswords once I finish my stacking of the shelves or what it was required of me.

HA! That was my “ideal” job – paid to sleep and paid to do crosswords. As I cased the joint as Americans would say, I told self I must never work the day shift as this station was located near two major schools and I have been there during the day.

WOW! The customers that come in to buy snacks, sodas or chips etc are plentiful and loud noisy school children with wads of cash but with nothing to buy from the school canteen given the heed to health promotion board’s need to feed students proper foods at recess time.

Deprived of sugary foods, high salt low fibre diets, these kids found this gas station and gleefully would part with their allowances for Coca Cola, 32 Oz Gulps or tortillas, chips, crisps, curry puffs or anything edible that tastes good!

So, I tut tutted to self and said that I cannot work this shift as too much work! 😀

Sadly this station closed shop middle of this year. I suspect it was either low volume of gas sales which is much required under the Esso brand for meeting targets OR because of upcoming Mass Rapid Transport services.

Whatever the case, there goes my dream of a mindless job.

I walked about the heartland mall yesterday and found that yes, shop assistants were much in need. But the pay was negligible and I wondered if I could stand on my feet all day. If I had a perfect spine, I guess I would pounce on it in a jiffy and apply for the job as I wait for a proper job to come by.

So far no calls for jobs and I am being positive in telling self, it is is holidays and most people are away and or holding onto current jobs till they receive their year end bonuses.

If I was being negative, then my self worth would go down the drain as they say….I am useless and being unable to elicit an interview.

S Man was sharing with me that he felt that after 10 months being jobless. He felt he was useless and could not command a job. Having subsisted on his savings, he desperately needed to get back to a job. It did not help that his wife was especially difficult with him, given they had two young children.

I am better off in a way – I have no naggy husband, no children and happily only with inanimate fur balls called Garfields and they thankfully do not eat, poo or pee.

But what I do have is a sister who would poke me to taking a sales assistant job and making me feel like useless as I am.

Ahh…well, this is from my one and only sister who has a glorious degree but has worked less than 5 years in her entire life. She does have a good life, a prosperous one at that too 😉

Such is life. We work or slave our lives to pay for bills as we live. We hold onto to mindful jobs in exchange for horrific unkind bosses or at worst, bosses, who are “dirty” in their dealings too!

Minions at a mindful job or “King” of a mindless job – if I had a choice, I would go for a mindless job anytime and be happy to take whatever pocket change as salary and enjoy 40 winks or crosswords during the wee hours of the morning once my basic tasks were done. Now that is a wish…. LOL!

19 responses to “Mindless Job Versus A Mindful Job

  1. SaBiscuit says:

    Hello, and I hope that the New Year finds you the job you want. You have a great deal of talent and I am sure that if you threw the rules of mindful and mindless out the window and see it as a side effect of living on Earth, you’ll feel much better about the wait. I admire your positive attitude. Warm hugs?

  2. Joseph Nebus says:

    I used to have a pretty grand job, in a quality control lab. On the last shift I’d have typically ten to twenty minutes of real work per hour and the rest of the time I was free to go into a little alcove and read.

  3. May the New Year presents you with the best job for you – mindless and decent wage 🙂

  4. hazeem000 says:

    sorry.i accidentally unfollowed you

  5. zareenn3 says:

    I know what you mean. I have lazy ass people at work and sometimes I hope I can be like them since they don’t do anything and get paid too much.

  6. Glad you are staying positive about the callings for job. I’m sure the perfect one is coming for you. 🙂 It just wanna make you a bit nervous before you receive a wonderful surprise 😉

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