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Chicago Garfield – A Different Species!

on December 30, 2014
A Garfield From Chicago - Very Different From Those I Have!

A Garfield From Chicago – Very Different From Those I Have!

Mr Ability To Earn tends to travel to Chicago Business School for his courses, once a year.

During one of his travels to Chicago, he came across this depiction of Garfield. I guess this was fashioned after the animated movie of Garfield with Jennifer Hewitt and it was certainly not the usual look and feel of my range of Garfield collections.

Of course Mr Ability To Earn was very happy – most of the people who knew me well, know of my craze and love for this inanimate fur ball creation of Jim Davis.

So when he returned, he shoved this cat into my face and said, ” Happy Garfield, see what I found in Chicago!”

Mr Ability To Earn has no theatrics and cannot hide surprises. We (Chicken, Bird and I) often call him Mr Wood as he is indeed like Block Wood. Expressionless and always wearing a frozen smile on his face.

I do appreciate his efforts in eyeing potential Garfields.

My first question to him was ” Genuine Garfield or fake?” The look and feel was different. But it said Paws Inc so that was that!

Any how, this Garfield is now nestled amongst his other kind….poor cousins or otherwise, this one is different and like humans, all humans have the same physique but look differently. Still we are called humans, just crafted differently.

Indeed a quiet lesson for me to learn from…..a different Garfield from Chicago πŸ˜‰


11 responses to “Chicago Garfield – A Different Species!

  1. scifihammy says:

    While Chicago Garfield looks different – maybe his hugs are the same? πŸ™‚

  2. hahaha i actually laughed a lot when I looked at that pic. It seriously looked a lot different from the one we usually see, but totally appreciated the rare finds from Mr.Wood πŸ˜€

  3. grhambley says:

    Chicago … also home to a Russian Mermaid but that’s another story

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