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Eve Of New Year’s Eve 2015

on December 30, 2014

Aaah, it is the proverbial eve of New Year 2015’s eve!

Time flies rather quickly…but for us Asians, we have another New Year coming as we follow the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Ha! Ha! We get to have Chinese New Year in February 2015.

It seems it is the Year of the Goat (though I don’t know why some call it year of the Sheep!)

2014 has not been a terrific good year for me and I am glad to have it gone. The faster the better! LOL!

Most of the people I know are away.

Mr Ability To Earn is away in Hawaii with his family as it seems his wife’s sister at age 60+ found true love at this tender age and is getting married! Both bride and groom are in their 60s and they are getting wedded for the FIRST time! Whoopee just when we thought “love” was quite dead!

But then, the skeptical me was thinking….if both have been bachelor and bacherlorette for so long, would it not be hard to live as a couple. I thought about meself! If I am at that age, will I marry?

I thought back of my dating years with my ex boyfriend – UGH! He was truly a pig and his domain a pig sty! His car may be a luxury make but it was also a sty. He threw things about as he had two maids to clean up after him. Hmm…the thought that went through my mind whilst dating him was, “would he marry me and make me his maid? Unpaid one at that too!”

By age 60s I am sure we are all going to be fixed in ways. For eg, how do I share the gogglebox? Well, we both could have each, so, it means two of everything!

We could have separate toilets. This way, hygiene is at the level I can pee and go in comfort!

Sheesh, might as well have separate bedrooms, this way I see nothing and do not have to pick up anything šŸ˜€

How has 2014 treated me? The start of 2014 was mean. It saw me battling to survive a seriously long surgery and getting back on my feet.

I slaved as a minion to the likes of Pig Head Without Tail, Scorpion King and Evil Witch and ended 2014 without gainful employment – my commitment to honesty!

As 2014 draws to a close, I think over the relationships I have had in the so called category of friendships over the years and found that there is little reality in “friendships” – what does “friendship” mean?

I drew up a list of people whom I have helped throughout my life and realised that none of these have kept in touch.

I was bantering with Chicken last evening on Whats App and I told her, as my so called “friend”, I hope she does not betray my friendship too. I had to torpedo her I felt as I was quite fed up with the idea of friendships.

Friendships in my little red dot meant squat. People befriend for getting favours and for wanting something, sigh, even my last ex boyfriend sidled up to me for my business contacts and connections to the Dukes and Duchesses of Yore.

Is this what friendship means……sigh 2014 is lousy and I have been told by reading the Chinese almanac that the Year of the Goat is also going to be a not too buoyant year.

Well, I shall have to see what 2015 brings and do battle with it. I guess one has to be careful in selecting “friends” as lip service is plentiful and wolves in sheep’s clothings plentiful.

Sigh….if only humans can be kind and really frank, truthful to friendships of yester years. Now that is a wish for 2015….. šŸ˜‰

4 responses to “Eve Of New Year’s Eve 2015

  1. Fatina96 says:

    If humans were that kind, then the world would be perfect… Which would make it boring right? :p

  2. Sad to hear year 2014 was not treating that well, but hey it flies as you said. 2015 will be an awesome one for you with happiness, prosperity and most importantly a decent job that fits you Garfield ā¤

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