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Missing Air Asia Airbus Found

on December 30, 2014

Whilst it was a “joy” to have found the plane, there seems to be no survivors.

Still, it gave closure to the bereaved families who lost their loved ones!

3 bodies were found floating and President Widodo is promising his best to evacuate passengers and crew.

Comparative to MH370, this ill fated Air Asia QZ8501 search and recovery was better handled by Indonesian authorities, immediately accepting help from neighbors for search and rescue efforts.

MH370 was and remains a mystery to date. It “vanished” presumed crashed after deviating off course, undetected!

From Sunday to Tuesday, today, two days plus to pin point the crash site as rescue efforts expedited from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, USA, S Korea and even India beavered to find the crashed plane.

Closure will be given to the bereaved family members and I am silently wishing for survivors hopefully.

May God and all deities rest the souls of the decedents and grant survivors to be saved immediately!

May the bereaved families bury their dead and be resilent to overcome their grief.

Singapore lost a two year old girl.

May her relatives overcome their grief of the loss of her parents and her as well.

7 responses to “Missing Air Asia Airbus Found

  1. Fatina96 says:

    This is soo creepy honestly!! And no one seems to have a definite explanation for why flights are suddenly dissapearing and then found crashed?
    Its soo damn mysterious! :/

  2. Glad they found the plane eventually, but sad to hear no one survived 😦 …May all of them rest in peace!

  3. Very sad indeed. I guess w’ll have to wait for the black box, hoping there will be some information leading to the fall from sky. Condolences to all the family involved.

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