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Nostalgia Or Living In The Past?

on December 31, 2014

There’s something about New Year’s eve.

It makes me nostalgic to reflect on the past. This is where my trouble begins.

I see my past and wonder if I have achieved, under achieved or over achieved.

I don’t see that I have over achieved. Most sane logical thinking humans would agree as each sets new limits.

As if doing the Limbo Rock, we tend to lower the pole as we want to do better! Up the ante it is called.

Too much means being greedy, as one not knowing limits and pushing self off the cliff to the deep end, somewhat.

Aah but it is also said that with no ambition and aspirations, one is an under achiever.

So, it seems we need a fine balance or the intelligence to know the difference to brake if chasing too much and to accelerate if not enough!

My past has always been a struggle. One rung after another as the ascension up the corporate climb.

Work hard was the motto and I soon learnt that those who worked hardest did not get very far when compared to “social butterflies” who flitted around water coolers and flaunt their female bodily assets!

Silly me! I had not much of a body asset to flaunt and was not one of those who batted “come hither looks” instead I emitted, “work hard and go thither” look LOL!

Living in the past will not help me but reveling in the past helps me to take stock of my past, correct things that I could have or may have done better.

Nostalgia or living in the past I am unsure but what I do know is the past helped built my future and the future will be my past in time to come.

I call it stock taking and was pleasantly surprised when S Man sent me a thank you note for my friendship and encouragement over the one year of being friends.

Sincerity, goodwill, faith and trust is key and I am nostalgic, as it is the end of 2014!

2 responses to “Nostalgia Or Living In The Past?

  1. SaBiscuit says:

    Hello again, GH. I hope you’re ringing in the New Year in style. Happy New Year, again, and thank you for stopping by.

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