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Great New Drama Series On Goggle Box

on January 28, 2015

If I did not be in the situation of looking for a job, I would be snoozing diligently whenever the clock strikes 10 pm nightly, except Saturdays and Sundays.

Given that I am now on garden leave, officially labelled “jobless” from 1 February 2015 onwards till my next employment arrives, I have the luxury of snoozing way past midnight and getting up at 7.30 am. Strange habit, I cannot sleep in as I am so used to getting up at 4.30a m and the circadian clock within me would auto detect 4.30 am and wake me up and I try to sleep a little more.

Bird is one of those that can literally sleep in till noon! She saves on breakfast on weekends and get up to have lunch! My oddly neighbor and family across the corridor from my apartment is also a family that sleeps in till 1 pm before I hear activity!

And it is not because I snoop on their arising times! But rather, the din they make as a family is enough to wake the entire block. Their iron grille gate would slam shut and their two ill bred daughters will be screaming at each other, in the most horrid decibels to the ear! If they sang well like Psy or Adam Lambert, hey, I would love to hear their voices 😉

Anyway, back to the night drama serials.

I stumbled upon Forever and The Mysteries of Laura.

Forever is a forensic pathology type series, quite like NCIS or CIS series except that the forensic expert is one from 200 years ago. He cannot die, is an immortal and whenever he is killed, he would be in water, naked.

The Mysteries of Laura is about Laura working in the same precinct as her ex husband. Ex husband is a looker and I guess he and Laura got a divorce because of his infidelity.

Laura is a grunge type woman who has no social skills, eats like a hog and sloppy too. But if she takes the effort to dress up, she is a stunner!

Laura has custody to two children and she hired an activist she arrested to baby sit her children whilst she works late. The activist dresses in black, wears black mascara and black lipstick. She is kind of like Abby in NCIS, but not as dark, alot feistier and vocal in her protests.

I finally found two great new series to watch but the trouble is, it is aired only at 10.30 pm and so once I start work, I guess I will miss out on these two programmes.

But, I will be happy for a job… *Grins*


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