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Rough Day….Marathon 5 Venues In A Day

on January 29, 2015

I have been busy…..busy, busy as a bee! Of which Chicken retorted that I am definitely not the Queen Bee!

Of course she is correct as the Queen Bee in the colony does nothing but produce baby bees! Well you know the scientific process and so I need not elaborate LOL!

I am a small busy bee and today I was literally running a marathon on 5 venues starting at 7am as I had my follow up appointment with my trusty Professor. I told him I was jobless and he smiled and me and said, you will get hired very quickly as you are experienced. If you are not hired, it is your choice of selecting and that takes time!

Wise old Professor (he is not really old, in his 60s) as he made a point. I left with a long list of prescription drugs but had no time to fill out as I was doing a marathon dash.

Yup! I am one of those who refuses drugs unless I am really ill….If I need it, I will get to the pharmacy and fill it up!

The holidays saw a drought of jobs being offered. But once this lifted and January kick start to working for all, I have been asked to attend interviews. Today I had two more and at 11am, I got another call for a second interview with the first batch that I had gone for.

Today’s pickings were especially exciting for one belonging to a European MNC. I was excited and it has been a long time since I have been excited over work 😉

So, I hope I escalate to round two for this particular company.

I have not seen so much of my Little Red Dot than what I have seen over the last month. I have been going places, learning new roads, new venues and taking in the sights.

Perhaps, it is divine intervention to make me take a step back and realize that there is a bigger world out there than working in the boondocks. All I did was bury my head and worked from dawn to night!

It took me a month to realise this, instead of beating self up over being unable to land a better job! LOL!

So, the attitude I am going to take is, fate has a job for me. The route to get this job, is not going to be an easy one. As Little Monster Girl correctly pointed out, I will have to work harder for it.

Fate is funny isn’t it and I liken it to flowers taking time to bloom. If I were to force a bloom, it means peeling the petals of the flowers and that ruins the flowers.

All good things take time to develop and like it or not, Divine Intervention is making me see this and yes, I will have to work hard to get this “job” that is destined for me.

Again, on all four paws I pray, except this time, I visualize self working….at the right job, the right fit and one that I will be relatively happy in 😉

Good nights folks! I am bushed!! Garfield awaits and he missed me all day! Yaaa right!!??? As if an inanimate fur ball will miss ME LOL!

All I have right now, is my humble Garfield imagination and one soft toy to squoosh! 😉


2 responses to “Rough Day….Marathon 5 Venues In A Day

  1. I totally adored your positive attitude towards your job situation sweetie ❤ I must learn from you and remind myself the same. Thank you for this uplifting post and it helps me a lot! 😉 Have a great time with fur Garfield! 🙂

  2. scifihammy says:

    Now I see why you have been absent. That’s great news that you have been so busy chasing all over your Little Red Dot doing interviews. No wonder you are tired – as One interview in a day is tiring! Good to be called back as well. So all in all looking a much brighter prospect. yay!
    And little Garfield has hugs for your reward 🙂

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