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A Young Visitor At Mum’s

on January 30, 2015

Today, my mum had a very young visitor aged 8 years old.

This was the first time I met him. Polite, articulate and confident, he greeted my mum as he entered.

Mum being hard of hearing would chide him why he did not greet her! LOL! The little one was bewildered till I told him to shout louder as my mum was hard of hearing.

He greeted me too. I do not usually like kids as the ones I know are spoilt brats!

But this fella is a decent boy with a sad history.

He lived couple of doors away from mum’s unit and his parents are divorced. Custody of he and his sister were awarded to his mum and his mum slaved at a bank to make ends meet.

His uncle offered them a room of which he shared with his sister, his mum and maid (someone had to mind the kids whilst mum worked).

For a young boy, he shared his heartache of no father as his father abandoned them.

He sought comfort at my parents place and my mum would always give him a snack plate or sweeties or stuff kids like.

Today at Giant hypermarket, I was wondering why my mum bought boxes of Christmas mint candy canes.

Aaah when I saw my mum giving this boy I understood. This lad loved minty candy canes.

I am glad my mum is always kindly giving goodies to the block cleaners, Mr Postie or even the neighbors.

I feel sad for the lad as it is not nice to be abandoned as if like a dog or cat!

Marriages are not “real” but highly fragile these days unlike the older generation where they ride out the tides of time.

I am glad the little boy finds comfort in his day time pseudo grandparents a.k.a my mum and dad 🙂


7 responses to “A Young Visitor At Mum’s

  1. It’s very kind of your mum buying candies for the poor lad! 🙂

  2. scifihammy says:

    Pseudo Grandparents – sounds awesome. I’m happy the little boy has somewhere to go to be a child, and be spoilt 🙂

  3. Bless your mum! Divorce is never easy but my concern is always how children is affected – such a fragile age.
    Generous of your mum being there for the little boy, he’ll remember this for ever.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      It is sad. Mum will continue to dote on him as he swings by daily after school to say hello and get his snack plate 😀
      Hopefully it lessens his pain as he can outpour his hurt. 🙂

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