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Finally My Bro Is Spending Lunar New Year With Us

on January 31, 2015

It has been a couple of years since my bro last spent lunar new year with us.

He has lived in Hong Kong for more than 20 years with his partner, Lizard.

Had Lizard been a decent woman that got along with mum, dad and I, we are sure bro would be able to see us more frequently.

Bro lives under the thumb of Lizard and provides 100% financial support to Lizard and her maiden family down to her siblings.

The price of love and my parents’ loss of their son. Lizard did not approve home “visa” travels to my bro often and whatever he wanted, he must fly home to be with maiden family for all festive occasions despite he living in HK perenially.

I am a woman but I have never insisted for my male partners to be with me for special occasions with my family  and they did not do so. I allowed freedom as like any child, I understood the parental love aspect.

I dislike Lizard as she is commanding and insistent that each meal we supped together must be lobster, bird’s nest and abalone. Of course I paid, not her!

Lizard thinks she is royalty but in truth she came from a struggling family and shacking up with my bro gave her and her maiden family a lease of life in luxury!

Love is blind.

Love is about who controls whom.

Love is who is dominant and who is subservient.

I prefer Love to be equal.

Love to be free will.

Love to be mutually respectful and not about financials to milk the other dry of.

In truth…..I am disillusioned about Love….romantic love, unconditional love or Phileo love is more real….

You think? Care to share your ideas on Love?


9 responses to “Finally My Bro Is Spending Lunar New Year With Us

  1. Love and respect go hand in hand. That is what I think. How can you love someone you can’t respect? See? Mutual understanding, and above all having things in common. Love changes as you grow as a person too. Many want the dizzying love, the kind when you first find it. Sadly, no one tells you that is but a phase and one that doesn’t stay.

  2. scifihammy says:

    I agree with you and Razorback. It is not love for Lizard to be so controlling, it is smothering, but your brother must want that?
    If you love someone you should want what is best for them. Both parties need to have some freedom to follow their own dreams – and visit their own families! πŸ™‚

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Yes. I believe one day the smothering will overwhelm and when it does, it will be a sad day for Lizard once my bro awakens!
      For my bro to be back with mum & dad, my parents treasure these short times. I do feel for them as It is not often they get to see him. Thanks for your insights. It is a shame when families are held apart by silly partners. ;-(

  3. Razorback pretty much said it all. But sometimes It’s very hard to understand love from a third person perspective since we don’t know what is exactly going on in the relationship. I think your bro truly loves and respects her that somehow she takes things for granted.

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