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My Worldly View Sees Two Kinds Of People….

I see two kinds of people…erm…you would retort to say, hey – homo sapiens are all the same so what are you talking or writing about πŸ˜‰

I say two kinds of people in the way we manage our food storage.

1st Kind

This is ME kind. The type of folks who buys fresh bread, chocolates or biscuits and on reaching home, would quickly plonk it into the fridge. Hot, humid and muggy Little Red Dot promotes moulds, bikkies getting rancid etc and so products must be either frozen or stored in the fridge. My mum is my kind and my dad is 2nd kind.

2nd Kind

This is the my sister kind who loves to have bread out on the kitchen counter till near expiry date before putting into the fridge. Though she lives in Kiwi Land, she prefers this option to store foods. Her husband is 2nd kind.

The 1st kind and 2nd kind of folks do not get along in food storage habits. Also based on my observation within my little clan, it seems that it takes 1st kind to be attracted to 2nd kind of folks – hence a wedded couple!

Eureka! So I must hunt for a 2nd kind for a mate! LOL!

You can see the fireworks between the 2 kinds as one insists on plonking everything in the fridge whilst the other kind refuses.

When my bro in law was visiting, I saw him getting doughnuts from the bakery, freshly baked and on reaching home, he plonked it in to the fridge.

When my sis presented me with a packet of chocolate gingers from Kiwi Land, I plonked it in the fridge. Her eyes rolled!

She ticked me off and said that by plonking the chocolate into the fridge, it loses it chocolate taste as the refrigeration affects the cocoa and that blend of the chocolate!

Rubber mouth me, does not mind as all food tastes the same to me and seriously, even if one tosses me a Wagyu slab or Korubuta Pork piece, it would taste the same πŸ˜€

My sis was insistent that there are “organic” pigs! Hmm…I laughed and mentally tried to picture organic pigs! No clue!!!

She shared with me that these organic pigs were fed organic grains. AND the meat is very distinctly different. Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous for her….I do not have time nor money to splurge on hundreds of dollars for a same piece of pork that goes into the freezer any way! LOL!

So much for the Ku De Ta, Les Amis or Justin Quek of fine haute cuisine….I eat simply and will have no discerning palate to tell the difference really!

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The Waiting Game Continues As The Grains Are Sifted

I allude to this mental picture when I think of how Job Lords search of select their candidates…picture this….

Job Lords fill a round flat bamboo sieve with grains and husks. They then do a rigorous sifting process to remove the poor quality grains (not great choices of candidates), discard the husks (candidates who are misfits) and the occasional overlooked as these fall off the sieve (candidates who are overlooked).

I have gone through 5 prospective employers. Potentials? Maybe….

But Job Lords wield the power as it is summed to dollar values. Out of the ones they sieved, is there a cheaper and of equal calibre as the more expensive but perfect grain?

Can Job Lords accept the slight defect as it is cheaper?

First rounds are the basic norm…each potential job requires 2 to 3 rounds as they continue to do their washing or sieving of the grains.

For those who are familiar with Dulang Washing in the tin mines of Perak that we studied in geography, it is like that kind of a process. One goes into the river and scoops up some sediment from the river bed and starts sloshing till the tin surfaces.

I am but a grain or a tin ore dot. I am unsure at this stage if I am a defect, a perfect, expensive or cheap?

All I know is that the process is going to be a long drawn one and that it may be another month or two before I know if this lot of potentials materialises or I have hit a brick wall.

What I have to do is to continue to apply for jobs and do some hopeful waiting that my phone will ring and that I am invited back for round 2.

By round 2, I will know that I am one of 2 selected and I have to pip the other to sink the job!

This is hard….all I can do is continue to keep 4 paws crossed and pray that out of the many I have gone to and met with Job Lords, all I need is to move to round 2 and where possible, an offer to close the deal.

Only after than, can I heave a sigh of relief and start doing relaxing stuff knowing that I have a Lord to serve and my Minion days are back πŸ˜‰


Befuddling Signs To Loo, WC or Toilet….

I do not know about you folks but signs or ways to the humble toilet is getting really sophisticated. Let me share….

As you know, I have been going to Job Lords in search of my ideal job (sanity is sinking in to say that there is no perfect or ideal job, but just to land a job that pays! :-D)

Buildings of today are sophisticated, especially in the Central Business District (CBD) of Shenton Way or Marine Bay areas.

I stepped into one really posh building yesterday that has really presentable receptionists. I counted at least 5 of them in a lovely, wide foyer with no chairs. This is a sign that loitering is not welcomed and no one is just to sit and wallow in air con Β comfort or take a load of weary feet.

Lifts are programmed to the floor that a visitor seeks to go to. Once your details are registered, a lovely gent in a business suit ushers me to the turnstile and teaches me how to access the smart card reader issued to me.

As soon as I clear, a lift with no floor buttons appear and I had to ask if this was taking me to the floor I wanted. The nice gent pointed to the door lifts panel whereby when it closes, we see no floor digits. My floor was lighted in the thin door frame and as it closed, I held my breath to believe that it will take me to the floor I wanted. No lift floor buttons!! I shuddered to think what would happen if I land on the wrong floor!

In Singapore, we call our toilets in a myriad of ways. Yes, we are heavily influenced by the British, Americans and of course our local Singlish culture.

The British call the toilet as WC or water closet. I suppose this goes back to the Elizabethian era whereby the it was indeed a water closet perhaps(?)

In America, I remember men would use the slang, they were going to the “John” or the “can” though I have no understanding why it is named after “John”.

However, these days, they are using the word “Loo” to describe the toilet too.

In Singlish, men would say, they would need to take a “leak” – though my creative mind would envisage a leaky pipe and probably I guess, it alluded to the male reproductive organ as a “pipe” πŸ˜‰

In Singlish, the ladies would say, “PJ” not in pajamas but “pang jio” – Hokkien or Teochew dialects!

What amazed me in the smart building of the Job Lords was that the panel doors leading to the toilets is hidden within the walls of the corridors of building. I had to walk a couple of rounds before I found a smallish two triangular symbols to signify a lady and I gingerly pushed a wall to open into a toilet.

The men’s toilet was not located near or next to the ladies’ toilet so I imagined, they would need to use a triangle for the head and a block for the body to symbolise a MAN!

As people progress, as the world progresses, life gets to be more symbolic in the sense that one has to make out what symbols mean and be assured that a buttonless lift will take me to the floor I wanted to go.

Seems like we are evolving back to the cave man days of the neanderthals whereby sticks or symbols represent meanings in the walls of caves…

Go figure…… πŸ˜€


Therapy To Me Is……

The general populace in my little red dot would say doing anything therapeutic would be something like kick boxing, pilates, zumba or ball room dancing.

I had a University mate who loved the adrenalin rush of sky diving, bungee jumping or riding roller coasters of great heights! He is rather an adrenalin junkie. If he could, I am sure he will fly planes too. But he is an old four eyes! LOL!

I have restrictions in body movements and I do not see self doing any of the above. It would be suicidal!

My old therapeutic regimes were splashing in the pool doing laps of 2km and walking briskly for 2.5km were my daily dose of sanity checks. I could stop and chat with the squirrel…actually it is solely me trying to speak to the squirrel.

So, my new therapy regime is now a whole new ball game…boring and mundane but the little solace I seek whilst doing small things and seeking inner peace I suppose * Cartoon Wisdom LOL….Master Shifu says seek inner peace!

Therapy to me is doing pages and pages of Crosswords. With my mechanical pencil and eraser, I could wile away time on the sofa or bed doing this. If only Crosswords were readily available in the bookshops as so far the only source I could find was the bookshop at Terminal 2, Changi Airport. I suppose Crosswords have been outstripped by Sudoku.

Therapy to me is ironing. I find it soothing to iron anything that can be ironed from the laundry basket. I am the only silly person amongst my pool of people I know of who would iron tea towels, bath linens, hand towels, t shirts etc. It is soothing to see and feel the fluff of towels after they are ironed.

Therapy to me is scrubbing the toilet floor tiles as I like them sparkling clean like what Mr Muscle purports! HA! Mr Muscle and other detergents do not cut grime as well as plain soap detergents on a rag and an occasional mix of bleach solutions.

Therapy to me is having new change of clothes for my inanimate fur ball Garfield and having him cleaned or rewrapping his fellow urchins in cellophane paper. A hobby, not an obsession but it is ohhhh really therapeutic squooshing the fur balls. In truth, the seniors home for the aged, have dog petting therapy as it somewhat soothes them. Heh Heh maybe some one can suggest petting soft toys!

Therapy is different folks to different strokes. Some love art, photography and or other costlier things. But the effect is the same….it gives one the sanguine feel of tranquility, placid calmness and peace of mind…doing things one enjoys at one’s own time.

End goal is stress relief, sanity outreach and peace…….doing no knowing harm to environment nor to self.

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An Interesting Visit

Dr X dropped me an SMS to asked if I was in yesterday around 5pm. I said yes I would be.

Dr X had wanted me to have a packet of freshly ground coffee from a friend who has a social enterprise in Indonesia.

I appreciated Dr X’s kind gesture, but as usual, I have learnt to be guarded. * remember cartoon wisdom…..choose carefully!!*

There is no such thing as a free lunch from any acquaintance and so, I waited to see what was really in store.

I guessed it must either be guidance in certain topics that assistance from me was regarded to be needed or to help boost sales from the social enterprise.

Cynical me, wanted to say “thanks but keep the coffee” Β as in truth, I only drank coffee made from instant granules and not ground beans. My only brand is Nescafe Gold Instant Granules.

The only time I needed a solid java fix was when I was commuting for work in Stavanger and hopping off a flight at 7am and reporting immediately to work, required a 3 cuppa infusion of concentrated java into my veins! πŸ˜€

2 shots of coffee from the Jura machine, kept me wide awake till I crashed into bed at 4pm.

Jet lag then goes off rather expediently.

So, in my usual nicer self, I waited for Dr X.

True enough, I was asked for views on this or that and what would I think if this was done or that was done!

Sometimes I feel I am an idiot for not listening to my inner voice. I felt that there was a hidden agenda but I chose to be “nice” and attended to Dr X.

Dr X also needed some network links of mine to perpetuate sales of coffee grinds. So, it seems I am now a coffee sales person LOL!

Just the other day, a neighbor though I must be a real estate agent. Wow! I am a professional whatchamacallit whenever someone needs me.

I am not offended to be mistaken for a sales person or real estate agent but truth is, I cannot sell ice to Eskimos πŸ˜€

Long and short of it, to preserve my own sanity, I said I will do what I can within my capability to help and sent Dr X packing!

My list of “Kapo” (colloquial language for Busy Body Work without financial gains) tasks so far has been:-

1. Sell coffee grinds for Dr X’s social enterprise ( I hate this word social enterprise as they are anything but social, sharky at seeking profits though) – This is a tall order, asking an instant coffee drinker to sell coffee grinds. Hmm if it was Coffee Luwark or an exotic blend maybe as the Dukes and Duchess of Yores might buy a pack or two. BUT really!! People go to so many coffee joints in my little red dot for their java shots…Breadtalk, Yakun Kaya Toast, My Toast etc etc

2. Sell vegetables for S Man’s friend who owns a plot of land in Sarawak and need my network to see how to go about starting this venture of theirs. What do I know about veggies other than I go to NTUC and pick up my groceries! I cannot even be laboring under the sun and ploughing fields or reaping harvests of greens, given my carcass of implants in the spine! LOL!

3. Help S Man start a private school….seriously, I do not look like teacher material. Remember, Hobo look, grunge and looking like anything but a teacher with pince nez eye frames πŸ˜‰

Folks….I am not a mover and a shaker. I am one who is happy to be a minion to a reasonable employer and not infringe on laws of the land. If I look like one, then my image must change….hmm…I wonder which haute coutoureΒ will want to do my make over!

I hate being suited up in a monkey suit or wrapped like a shrimp…I like loose clothings. Cotton or linen and if I can work in jeans and T shirts…this would be work environment heaven! πŸ˜€

I would be pushing it too much if I asked to work in Bermudas, sandals and T shirts πŸ˜‰


Wisdom In Cartoons?

Kung Fu Panda 2 aired tonight on my goggle box and to my surprise, I realized it was my first time watching it.

Either that or my own trauma of multiple administration of anesthesiology for surgeries wiped out my memories πŸ˜‰

Poa is a panda, who is son to a Goose who is a cook.

Talk about psycho trauma and this portrayed well in Poa, not remembering how he ended up in a wooden crate of Daikon radishes that was delivered to Goose.

Goose adopts Poa as his son.

Master Shifu is the rat that teaches Poa kung fu.

Before Poa sets out to quell the murderous and wicked acts of Peacock who built a cannon to destroy China and Chinese Kungfu, Master Shifu told Poa to find inner peace.

During the journey and through the help of a Goat seer, Poa overcomes his nightmare to find out who his parents were and how he ended up in a crate, to be adoppted by Goose.

Goat seer shared that in giving Peacock his oracles, she saw his defeat by a creature in black and white, a panda.

Peacock then sets out to kill and rid all pandas, which explains the killing of Poa’s parents.

This cartoon taught me that if one’s ambition is a bottomless cup, it becomes greed.

Greed is ugly as it never satisfies and creates harm to others.

Further, Poa explained the need to choose one’s choice carefully.

Choice is indeed one’s choosing!

Peacock chose greed and deep hatred for his father the king who disowned him as Peacock became greedy.

Poa managed to seek inner peace in order to beat Peacock, catching deadly fireballs shot from cannons and hurling it back at Peacock’s army.

Poa chose to conquer his nightmares and face the mental blockade his mind put in place to shut the painful killings of his fellow kind.

Poa’s advice to Peacock was poignant as he asked Peacock to let go the past hurt and greed and choose to move forward.

Life’s lessons and who would guess it came from a cartoon feature titled Kungfu Panda 2!

I have yet to find inner peace as the little mountains in my path have been challenging.

I cannot understand this or that or why people chose to cause me grieve despite my extension of help.

Were my choices to help stupid?

Should I choose to stop helping blindly and opt to help those truly in need?

I guess this is my “nightmare” and hopefully like Poa, I may one day understand.

Let’s hope in my life time I achieve wisdom then! πŸ˜‰

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On Days Like This…..

On days like this, I wonder what will be in store for me for my meals today! Such a chore to think about it. Thankfully I need to focus only on one main meal that is at 5pm so I can skip lunch. People like me with low culinary skills are easily satisfied with something to fill the tummy! LOL!

For a no brainer me with limited food choices, breakfast is always toast with coffee (Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee Granules). Thankfully, this is easy to whip up.

Others with a more discerning palate, will chow down on fried carrot cake (flour based mixture pan fried with egg and salted radish or if you order BLACK carrot cake then it comes with sweet soya sauce), soon kueh (little pockets of thin glutinous rice flour pockets wrapped with chopped slivers of pork, dried shrimps and turnips, steamed and eaten with chilli sauce) and other delectable local treats, right down to a bowl of piping noodles at the hawker stalls! No end to food choices in Singapore, including Roti Prata with curry gravy, pork or chicken congee, dim sums, mee rebus or mee siam and others.

On days like this, I wonder what Chinatown is offering now since Chinese New Year is less than a month away! I presume the place will be decked out with loads of Chinese decorations, mini stall holders selling cookies, local delicacies that are usually bought by households to serve guests. I am sure the uncertain economic conditions are making people more careful in their spending.

On days like this, I know that I will not be visiting anyone during Chinese New Year. Why?! Because I hate to wrapped like a shrimp in new clothes, new shoes, everything new to sit and explain pleasantries to relatives or families of friends.

I hate being decked up and minding my Ps and Qs. I rather sit and chillax with friends around a place I enjoy and can literally vegetate and shoot the breeze, talking shop! πŸ˜€

On days like this, I looked at the sky and it seemed confused as to if it should rain or be shiny.

Blanketed haze and shucks, we are told by local MET service that a sudden shift of the winds have blown the North East Monsoon away and we will be having dry periods, which may result in water rationing (contemplated move by government just so we manage our water, despite us having NeWater – recycled water, fit for human consumption).

On days like this, I look forward to a rerun of Panda Kung Fu 2 that is on free to air google box tonight. Last night I watched Ice Age 2. So, it seems weekends of cartoon feature films are back.

On days like this, I wonder what others in the world are doing? Writing, eating, working, fighting poverty, fighting a war, facing natural calamities, celebrating a special occasion, crying, happy or (?)

On days like this, I am thankful I have food to eat, a roof over my head and my inanimate fur ball Garfield to squoosh and job interviews to go to.

Happy Sunday Folks – live it up…..take a load off your feet and vegetate on the couch if you can or as spa therapists say, “luxuriate, exfoliate and relax” – no way will I ever be in a spa as the manipulations would make me break out in giggles as it is ticklish, not to mention awkward πŸ˜€


Some Interesting Tips Or Discoveries On Job Search

The job market has evolved. Not for the better, I am afraid, for the peopling on Little Red Dot.

Market segment is roughly divided into SMEs, MNCs, NGOs – yes as a people we love acronyms. πŸ˜€

SMEs = Small Medium Enterprises

MNCs = Multi National Corporations

NGOs = Non Governmental Organistions

Of course there is the government statutory boards, Non Profit Organisations and other sole proprietorships.

Each sector has its nuances or I prefer to call it idiosyncrasies.

I have come to the point of not touching SMEs if I can, even with a ten foot pole, as these units are usually heavily connected with family members, cronies of family members or so and so of so and so. Relations to the hilt and often for the guise of business, “corners are cut”

Further, their stock prices are usually, if not penny stocks trading for a few cents or under 50 cents with little movement or volume traded

If you are pally with a relation, you get rewarded not based on merit but connectivity and I do not mean wifi connectivity πŸ˜‰

My definition of SME is “Stingy, Mean and Egotistical” WHY?

Boss is usually small minded, stingy, mean and egotisical and feeds on praises, flashy with their Maserati or Porsche as they are nouveau rich or I call, neo rich.

SMEs hire cheapest, easiest to manage as in to Lord over. Prospects of rising is pretty much zero unless you are great at currying favor and heaping loads of wondrous superlatives on the wealth of the Boss, how great he looks and how intelligent he or she may me, though they may have sand for brains literally! πŸ˜€

*Point to note, this is a generalisation of mindset – there are those who may be genuinely kind, but there is a huge doubt as where they may be*

MNCs are usually huge conglomerates. It is so huge that politiks is rife and often the senior positions are local bypassed, meaning, the nationality of the CEO usually gets the most hires. It is typical as being expats, they are in a foreign land and they need the solace and comfort of their own to work with.

Little Red Dot peopling are PMETS, not head honchos, unless the one to rise plays a mean hand at Politiks. I am not saying none have achieved. There are achievers and these specimens are heavily adored and admired as they can play amongst the highest politikal regime.

Having been in the market as a job seeker, I have seen the huge changes in the job market. It is no longer a candidate’s choice but the employer’s choice. Cheaper, faster to market is key.

Cheaper is better and they will pick the best for less with as much as a 50% drop in salary values. If all employers do this, then the market has to correct itself as candidates have no choice but to bow to the general salary trend.

A job interview can last 30 minutes or 45 minutes or 3 hours. But in reality what can these minutes or hours indicate other “if the one fits the other?”

FIT cannot be derived in minutes. One cannot fathom the work culture or environment in that fleeting moment. It is at best, go with the gut and progress as one plods along in the job.

The proof of the pudding is in the taste and it takes a long while to see or taste the pudding is my take.

From what I have tasted, I tend to price the cost of Office Politiks at a premium levy of $2,000. So, if for example basic salary is $1,000, then plus Politiks levy of $2,000, my asking price would be $3,000.

It seems the higher the corporate ladder, the bigger the salary offered. By taking a higher salary and climbing a rung, it comes with it huge doses of politiks, ulcerations and not to mention, loneliness as you cope with the fire fightings skills learnt and dodging of bullets or other weaponry.

Working life is not easy. It is made harder with employers being spoilt for choice. Everyone is paper skilled, some armed with PhD but not being able to command jobs that pay decently as well.

Bosses can be abusive, bullies or downright unethical but who can whistle blow as the environment is a small one and one blows then this bugger must be prepared to migrate else no employer would want this person on their team, especially the dodgy ones!

I am still with 4 paws all crossed amongst the clover leaves, rabbits foot and other talismans for good luck.

It is a tall order, but I am seeking a good employer, morally upright with ethical values and a kind heart. In return, as a minion, I will deliver my best at all times, to the best of ability.


All About Date & Time

I just discovered that it is bad enough for me to be directionally challenged, but also date challenged too! *Huge Sigh!*

In the office, I usually have Chicken reminding me of my appointments for meetings or it is so and so’s birthday etc and so I don’t realize my little other nuance πŸ˜‰

Today I sent a birthday greeting to my good friend K.

Birthday greetings on What’s App can be elaborate as I can send picture card and picture cake complete with balloons! I felt so pleased with self as I achieved this.

After all that hoopla I did, I got a message which said, “not my birthday today, it’s next month”

How could I mix up a good friend’s birthday! Sheesh!

Sooo embarassing! K said I always forget dates and times! LOL! She is right!

I quickly rechecked people’s birthdays and sent emails to them. Ha! Some late, some early!

Speaking of timing, today the Chinese Mafia Lords had me meet them in a secured building that allows admission with a key card.

I tried calling the Lords and finally after 6 tries, a voice spoke.

Typical Chinese Mafia Lords, minions must wait without questions nor apologies offered for their lateness!

My appointed time was 2pm but by the time I was seen, it was 2.45pm!

Tardy, poor logistical coordination were my immediate thoughts.

I felt uneasy as whilst waiting, I half expected camera crew appearing saying, “you’ve been punked” or the classic, “smile, you are on candid camera!”

But thankfully I was not punked!

The meeting lasted 45 minutes and I was off to my next task, to recce an unknown building for Monday’s meeting.

Asia Square 1 was relatively easy for me to find though I went about in a round about way.

It is a spanking new building and its foyer had a gorgeous water feature.

As I drove past the building, I peeked at the car park entrance and found it narrow. Too narrow for my taste.

If I could fold my car lengthwise to half the size, then maybe I might try πŸ˜€

I once left my fender behind at Wisma Atria and that experience gave me a forever fear of tight turns at multi storey car parks whilst moving up.

Hmm… I do have more oddities than I knew off as I can now add car park phobias too.

I am quite doomed with all these quirks! πŸ˜‰

As for option with Chinese Mafia Lords, I am not encouraged.

2 down, 3 more to go next week :-0

Stay Positive, I tell self! I can nail one out of 5 ermm, I hope πŸ˜‰


The Sun Is Shining, The Laundry Is Done…Maybe….

My dratted cough is taking another spike and I am hacking up fur balls again…sigh ;-(Β I suspect it was aggravated by my “superb” yoghurt fruit salad.

My Recipe as follows (*caution advocated as my portions are based on this and that, no exact measurements πŸ˜€ but I can assure you, it is edible!)

Half a punnet of strawberries

1 punnet of blue berries

1 nectarine

1 autumn plum

handful of golden raisins

handfuls of sunflower seeds

2 cups of Meiji mixed berries yoghurt

*You can add Del Monte Bananas as well as Kiwis too if you like but none were at the store I was at yesterday*

My MethodΒ 

Just throw everything in and mix it

Let it chill in fridge and it is ready to eat. I ate two bowls of this and I suppose the ying and yang of my body decided to protest and so the cough returned.

Saturday is about laundry. The sun is shining through a haze filled sky and I could not bear to plonk Garfield into the washer as I was afraid that he might not dry well!

In 2 hours I will be off to be interrogated like a spy for potential covert ops work.

I wonder if I might pass as this time it will be done by the Chinese Mafia. I am expected to reply in Chinese, not my native tongue but I will or must manage to outlive this group.

My dialogue with them could be…..

Perhaps This Is How I Can Answer Hard Questions!

Perhaps This Is How I Can Answer Hard Questions!

I will then need to drive into a part of town that I know exists but am unfamiliar with.

This will be my recce to seek out the next venue for next week’s other interrogation by the Malaysian Warlords.

I hope I need not use the hand grenade…

Unique Hand Grenade

Unique Hand Grenade

Meanwhile the Philippine Conspiracy Theory has manifested and they are seeking a meeting. I am expected to travel to the Boondocks again if this materializes.

Monday morning, the authorities have summoned me too. I will need to amble into a huge arena of officials and describe my rationale for a few things.

Lots going through my little hamster in the brain department and I wonder what morrow brings.

The rainbow may have appeared….

A Sliver Of Rainbow...Gives Hope!

A Sliver Of Rainbow…Gives Hope!

I can only silently pray and hope for a good end result!

Happy Saturday Folks and I will post again once I have found my Β next meeting point and I survive the Chinese Mafia today at 2pm! *Bows head and prays πŸ™‚