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Being Thankful…..

I often forget to be thankful for a lot of things….till I read a quote today on Encouraging Life blog site by Raymond.

Tomorrow is a long weekend…..Labor Day for us Minions!!

I moan and groan about things that happen but I forget to see the bigger things….

I maybe ill very often but I have good eyes, ears, limbs that grant me mobility.

I moan the aches and pains that come with my territory of illness but without the 10 nuts and bolts in my spine I may be immobilised. I am thankful for mobility despite the pains.:)

I moan the need to wear prescription glasses but I have to be thankful I have sight and am not visually impaired.☺

I moan the last 2 idiotic moronic head honchos and blame my poor luck to have worked for them. But I have to be thankful for the lessons they taught me in human character and never to emulate them! I am further thankful that I have a job that puts food on my table and a roof over my head.:)

I was upset that I woke up with vertigo. I saw the signs over the last 2 nights of an impending head spinning attack.

I am grateful I can still get up and move after popping Betaserc. Thank goodness I have stock of Betaserc, Sturgeron (Cinnaron) and Stemetil. I do not need to go for rides at Universal or Disneyland to get puky. 😂

Yes…..thank you…thank you…..

Happy Labor Day weekend folks☺


What An Eventful Night Last Evening

I think I have an “exciting” life or “things” just happen to me 😉

Last evening, I hitched a ride from S Man to my parents. Decided to give self a day off driving. Yaay! I am happy to space out at passenger seat really and count the trees along the side walks of roads we passed.

S Man drove a nice Subaru…I think it is an SUV. But ugh!!

Must be men I think as his car was a thrash bin in the back seats.

S Man’s disposal of empty water bottles were on par with my ex boyfriend.

After he finished drinking out of a plastic bottle that held bottled water, he would toss it…literally toss it, as he was driving,to the back seat.

What a waste to the nice car’s image for both men; a Subaru SUV and a Mercedes 300 respectively (my ex).

One has two maids to clean his car (my ex)  whilst the other is both the driver and the maid.

My ex is the spoilt one. He literally does nothing but earns $$$ “mula” 😁

He often told me for business trips it was the maid who packed and unpacked his clothes!

Phew I dodged this bullet else I would have been the maid at home if we married and could not afford hired help! I could picture self in a frilly apron with a duster in hand! 😂

When evening came, I hitched a ride back from a mutual family friend who ran 2 small businesses; including a coffee shop.

His poor car, another SUV (he had to cart goods) had a flat battery.

Being street smart, this chap had 24 hour mechanics on standby as he owned a fleet of lorries and vans.

Within 45 minutes the mechanic arrived and I chatted with him and his travelling wife in the cabin of his truck which had everything for his trade.

It was a tough job removing the flat battery as the car had a rebar put in which restricted the easy removal and change of a new battery.

After an hour and forty five minutes the kindly mechanic charged labour of only $40. This was a steal!!

I made a friend in this mechanic and his wife. He could have charged an arm and a leg but his scruples as a fair man was admirable.

I arrived home safely at 10pm.

What an adventure 🙂 for a “carless” day….hmm…

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My New Criminal Series Favorites

Now that I am recuperating at home, I have the luxury of staying up late and getting up not before the crack of dawn but after 8am. Man!! This is life!!

With the luxury of staying up late means I can watch free to air goggle box to discover new murder mysteries.

Mondays I have CSI 14th season. Gee Grisham has gone and Ted Dansen has taken over as lead forensic person. Brass is the only one who has not aged. Sarah and Finn are now old….literally. Sigh…which means one thing….I too must have aged.

Tuesdays we have How To Get Away With Murder followed by Forever.

How To Get Away With Murder is great as I love court room drama but this had a twist of law students aiding the Defence attorney. Twisted plots of murder and how one can get away with crimes or not.

Forever is my favorite of forensic pathologist who cannot die but reappears in bodies of water naked if killed. He is immortalized as a man who never ages whilst his son is now in his late 60s who runs an antique shop.

Wednesdays 10.30pm slot is Mysteries of Laura. I was told this is an Emmy award winning series.

I have yet to catch Scorpion on Thursdays.

Aaah this is life….American murder series at night and K pop soaps in the late afternoons and locally produced series in early afternoons.

I have to be economically viable soon LOL! But I could live the life of decadence 😄 and get used to it too!!


Fishball Soup – A Local Hawker Food


Source: Photo Courtesy Of S Man

The Teochew dialect group in my little red dot makes great fishballs.

Fishballs are made from minced yellow tail fish meat or tilapia and whacked till it is of “Q Q” consistency or bouncy.

Coupled with some form of starch flour and spices it is made into little bite size balls and cooked in pork broth or chicken broth based.

Japanese seaweed is added in as vegetable garnish together with chives and parsely.

Often lean or belly pork is added or pig offals like liver or intestines which are delicacies here.

S man took this to show me and said that this was a great bowl of fishball soup in his Hougang area where he lives.

Virtually it does look yummy!! Lip smacking too😄


Crowdfunding To Help M’s Endeavour For Nepal Earthquake Victims

I promised periodic updates on the calamity faced by Nepalese in earthquake stricken Kathmandu and other areas.

I cannot profess to know or claim  experience on how the victims feel right now. 😥

But what I do know is that based on my creature comforts for a clean and comfy bed with air conditioning running to save me from heat, I would have no sleep without those. Visions of my inanimate furball Garfield buried in rubble is enough to drive me to depression as the thought of it “gone” is heart wrenching. Yet these are human lives 😥

Putting myself in the shoes of earthquake victims I am deeply saddened as victims face food and water shortages.

They have also lost their homes and are sleeping in the open facing climatic conditions of the cold. (Newspapers and news updates)

At this juncture, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Raymond Halim of who blogs on Tech stuff, food, health and travel. (He teases me on my funny bahasa but here goes ” Pak Ray terima kasih…hati yang baik” ☺ which translates to “thanks Mr Ray you have a good heart”:))

M and I are duffers at setting up IT stuff. For sure I am an IT idiot! 😉

My brain flew to Ray and without hesitation his reply was that he “played with the site a bit and could figure it out!!”

I am so very grateful to Ray. His immediate reply to try and help with confidence was nice and heartfelt.

Crowdfunding is not easy for IT duffers but one with a FaceBook account could open one. We figured out that much, the rest is mind boggling 🙈

M is keen to help a young 22 year old lama whom she has seen grow up from age 4 years old. Please read his FB appeal.

Help is focally centered at Kathmandu but M is trying to help those smaller villages like Solukumbu who are affected with little help inwards.

Below is a screen shot M sent me to jump start her efforts.





It is not easy to stand up for a cause and champion it.

I admire the tenacity of M and kindness of people I know whom I have approached to help with this.

My prayers are with the people of Nepal and my deepest condolences to the lives lost.

My little red dot has 10 people unaccounted for who were in the earthquake areas and I pray for their safe return. Blessings!


Ending Tuesday Night With Lighter Thoughts

I had posted some heavy thoughts before this post, which I felt had to be balanced with light thoughts.

Junk foooood!!

I saw the advertisement on the goggle box for Chunky Mini Kit Kat bars!

A young guitarist sits on a red sofa with an animated cat with eyes as big as bowls singing…chunky minis…tempting and alluring as I love Kit Kats and now with the  Chunky version in individually wrapped mini bars or bite size, ha ha I will not feel so “guilty” of indulging in my favorite treat! 🙂

Nooo…..I did not dash out to the nearest 7 – 11 to grab a bag. I told my legs to heel and stay! 😁

i worry I may become a woofy or a cat….as I am thinking like a feline or a mutt! Or at least I begin to emulate them ha ha…too many doggy movies on re runs or too much Garfield comic strips reading to lighten my mood.

I have to find a new muse…and soon too else I get “old” in the brain.

I am seeking some wisdom in life….but despite checking under the rugs, cupboards and the brain department….ermmm…I have yet to find wisdom.

No owls flitting through the night in little red dot too…darn we have no barns to begin with LOL!

This thing called “wisdom” is an elusive bugger I say!!

If you have found it…wisdom I mean, pray do share 😉

Night lights out……nighty night folks….sweet dreams and Garfield Hugs 💕💕


Ending Tuesday With Some Thoughts

Both Chicken and I have had horrid head honchos at work in our current jobs.

Our consolation is encapsulated in her Swami Vivekananda’s words below:


Source: Chicken's Guru In India Sent Her This

So we reckon the work place problems we face is “testing and teaching us patience”

M recently sent me this below when I shared with her my constant illnesses.

It seems there is a lesson in it for me too – trials and tribulations as great teachers say!


Source: M Sent Me This

As for anger….guilty as charged as I do get enraged with idiots and twits who try to make life miserable just to get “kicks” out of it!


A master from India, Swami V,  who visited the little red dot recently and whom I met recently for meditation through Chicken is featured in photo below

I had a good dialogue with him though to get insights on life. The interesting replies given were deep and profound teachings to me.

But perhaps I was a tad dense to “see the light” or achieve enlightenment ha ha!

My mind jumps like a monkey whilst trying to meditate – it is tough though but I do know that meditation is both mentally and physically beneficial for good health. Calming the mind is a tough and tall order.

I suppose I have a long long way still to go towards achieving peace of mind or in plain speak…..being zen about things and calmly manage my life!

Love, Peace, Calm and Blessings to all as they lay down to bed, depending on time zone where they live!


Chicken's Master or Guru In Meditation

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My Mum’s View Of Me

Yup!! It is official….my mum forever sees me as her tiny tot! LOL!

Whilst I know mums inmortalises kiddies’ age as a child, in reality though we may be in our 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s or 60s or so long as parents are febrile and by our sides….there is always a kid in us or the child in us persona actually continues to thrive in us.

I speaketh for myself.

Hmm because no one I know of is brave enough to overtly admittedly be a “perennial kid” in character.

Imagine successful entrepreneurs or  brainiacs playing with “toys” – but in all truth they do!!!

Rich blokes have expensive toys like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, etc

Now we add drones to the list as their toys.

Rich blokes are not young but in their matured years. Indulge and zooom…vroom vroom!! 🙂

Rich women have accessories of the finest bling blings… that dedazzles….the more carats the better and I do not mean Bugs Bunny’s orange carrots 😉

Others have legos, stuffed toys or action figurines to play with.

HA! But it has been said that “real” men play with women and women keep selves in male company. Sounds X rated ugh!!

Mums always worry if we ate right or kept warm or ensure well being. Regardless of how old we may be as in their eyes we are inmortalized as a child.

My nephew is fast approaching 20 years old but his mum, my sister, still caters to his every need as if he has no clue how to put the kettle on, do laundry or wake up in time for school in the university.

As for me, my mum indulges in my love for the inanimate furball Garfield when she stayed over with me.

When I say that Garfield has to be burped after dinner she would laugh and say, “only crazy me would say that”

The ultimate proof was when she commented on my lugging Garfield to the sofa and to bed. “No wonder Garfield does not grow up as you hug him so much…you stunt its ability to grow!”

Voila my proof that she sees me as a child in her eyes or great Mathematicians would use the 3 alphabets after proving a solution Or theorem “Q.E.D”

I hope Joseph Nebus or Abyssbrain in reading would remind me what “Q.E.D”. stands for or means !! LOL!

Truth be told….ssshhh….I bring out the child in most people, including male company that I keep as friends, especially my ex boyfriends as they are stressed from too much realities of life at work! 😉

I’d have sung for my supper then!! 😉

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Tuesday – A Tinge Of Sadness

The world has yet another natural disaster, this time hurting Nepal, Kathmandu areas.

As I read the morning papers, I am astounded that there are so many visitors going to Nepal, besides trekkers to Mt Everest but also devout Buddhists.

In fact Michelle Yeoh a famous Malaysian actress of James Bond movie girl was also stranded in the airport there with her husband.

M, my UO classmate is also a devout Buddhist and has spent many years helping the peopling of Tibet, Nepal & Kathmandu.

Geography fails me, I beg your pardon but I think I got the locations right here!:'(

It is heart wrenching for her and I know her pain as she wants to help the people there.

I am also pleased that our little red dot has sent a 55 member team to help with search and rescue including funding.

Our kindly PM Lee though in Asean Summit has written on his FB post that he felt the worries and pain of the Gurkha community in Singapore.

Gurkhas have been serving in our armed forces from way back during the times of late founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

As I sleep on my bed and in comfort, I feel the pain of the affected.

Many are afraid to enter the buildings and live out in the open including seeking hospital treatment.

I will be dedicating periodic updates on this to assist M in her crowdfunding effort through a dedicated link to be established later

I sincerely appeal to all reading my humble blog to assist in reaching out to your blog readers to help M in her crowdfunding efforts to rebuild a little village there.

Thank you folks and may Buddha blessings and all divine deities help and keep the people safe. ❤💚💛💜

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Did I Tell You I Hate Creepy Crawlies!

I absolutely hate creepy crawlies! Ugh!

Spiders….euuuu!! I call them “speeders” as boy oh boy, these arachnids can scramble away faster than I can find my bedroom flops to thwack them or roll up a newspaper to splaat them.

Spiders are exactly how the comic strip Garfield and Jon and I would treat them. Killed swiftly!

Yes yes I know about the eco system….spider trap insects and other small insects! Guilty as charged as I kill these buggers.

I also disobey Buddhist tenets of not killing anything that moves. Sigh!

But speeders are uggggly and frightening to me 😦

They can also grow up to rather sizeable creatures. Ugh!!

Ants and bees are also not on my world’s best friends. Yes yes…bees make honey but these fellas sting too. I will buy honey from supermarkets….not from hiving off the combs of honey bees! I am not Daniel Boone or some forest man or woman 😀

Poor mum picked up a dead bee to toss into the bin and was stung! Dead bees but “live” sting in its behind. Be careful as it cause swelling to the sting area. People allergic to bees may even succumb to bee stings!

As for ants…all it takes is a grain of sugar or a crumb to fall onto the floor. If my eye misses it, I soon have to deal with an army of ants.

In hot humid Singapore, ants are hard to rid of without sprays etc. There are a few species of which I do not know its scientific names.

I hate the ugly large red ants…not cute looking like the cartoon version of Antz. These pack a huge nasty bite and I avoid the gardens or rather forested areas as their nests are made of folded leaves and there are plenty of them in it.

Yet I am now watching a documentary where people steam or deep fry ants to food dishes.

People also eat bees and maggots in Thailand along with worms, grasshoppers etc. Euuuu but they enjoy it…

I prefer eating foods I am used to. Please spare me from eating anything that resembles all these “exotic” creepy crawlies ☺