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Ending Tuesday Night With Lighter Thoughts

on April 28, 2015

I had posted some heavy thoughts before this post, which I felt had to be balanced with light thoughts.

Junk foooood!!

I saw the advertisement on the goggle box for Chunky Mini Kit Kat bars!

A young guitarist sits on a red sofa with an animated cat with eyes as big as bowls singing…chunky minis…tempting and alluring as I love Kit Kats and now with the  Chunky version in individually wrapped mini bars or bite size, ha ha I will not feel so “guilty” of indulging in my favorite treat! 🙂

Nooo…..I did not dash out to the nearest 7 – 11 to grab a bag. I told my legs to heel and stay! 😁

i worry I may become a woofy or a cat….as I am thinking like a feline or a mutt! Or at least I begin to emulate them ha ha…too many doggy movies on re runs or too much Garfield comic strips reading to lighten my mood.

I have to find a new muse…and soon too else I get “old” in the brain.

I am seeking some wisdom in life….but despite checking under the rugs, cupboards and the brain department….ermmm…I have yet to find wisdom.

No owls flitting through the night in little red dot too…darn we have no barns to begin with LOL!

This thing called “wisdom” is an elusive bugger I say!!

If you have found it…wisdom I mean, pray do share 😉

Night lights out……nighty night folks….sweet dreams and Garfield Hugs 💕💕


3 responses to “Ending Tuesday Night With Lighter Thoughts

  1. Love kitkat peanut butter ! Fancy checking my blog out ?

  2. amoodindigosoul says:

    Hahaha. Yep like you i love those individually wrapped minis. Just a few days ago i decided to get Arnott’s Tim Tam. So off i went searching and hoping to get the mini ones and this is apart from doing my groceries. Guess what? They have the finger version and I was smiling all the way to the cashier hehe.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Oooh Tim Tam has finger version too!! I hope my little red dot imports it in soon enough!! Sinful decadence but ohhhh soooo good!!😊 Thanks for dropping by ☺

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