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Ending Tuesday With Some Thoughts

on April 28, 2015

Both Chicken and I have had horrid head honchos at work in our current jobs.

Our consolation is encapsulated in her Swami Vivekananda’s words below:


Source: Chicken's Guru In India Sent Her This

So we reckon the work place problems we face is “testing and teaching us patience”

M recently sent me this below when I shared with her my constant illnesses.

It seems there is a lesson in it for me too – trials and tribulations as great teachers say!


Source: M Sent Me This

As for anger….guilty as charged as I do get enraged with idiots and twits who try to make life miserable just to get “kicks” out of it!


A master from India, Swami V,  who visited the little red dot recently and whom I met recently for meditation through Chicken is featured in photo below

I had a good dialogue with him though to get insights on life. The interesting replies given were deep and profound teachings to me.

But perhaps I was a tad dense to “see the light” or achieve enlightenment ha ha!

My mind jumps like a monkey whilst trying to meditate – it is tough though but I do know that meditation is both mentally and physically beneficial for good health. Calming the mind is a tough and tall order.

I suppose I have a long long way still to go towards achieving peace of mind or in plain speak…..being zen about things and calmly manage my life!

Love, Peace, Calm and Blessings to all as they lay down to bed, depending on time zone where they live!


Chicken's Master or Guru In Meditation


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