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My Mum’s View Of Me

on April 28, 2015

Yup!! It is official….my mum forever sees me as her tiny tot! LOL!

Whilst I know mums inmortalises kiddies’ age as a child, in reality though we may be in our 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s or 60s or so long as parents are febrile and by our sides….there is always a kid in us or the child in us persona actually continues to thrive in us.

I speaketh for myself.

Hmm because no one I know of is brave enough to overtly admittedly be a “perennial kid” in character.

Imagine successful entrepreneurs or  brainiacs playing with “toys” – but in all truth they do!!!

Rich blokes have expensive toys like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, etc

Now we add drones to the list as their toys.

Rich blokes are not young but in their matured years. Indulge and zooom…vroom vroom!! 🙂

Rich women have accessories of the finest bling blings… that dedazzles….the more carats the better and I do not mean Bugs Bunny’s orange carrots 😉

Others have legos, stuffed toys or action figurines to play with.

HA! But it has been said that “real” men play with women and women keep selves in male company. Sounds X rated ugh!!

Mums always worry if we ate right or kept warm or ensure well being. Regardless of how old we may be as in their eyes we are inmortalized as a child.

My nephew is fast approaching 20 years old but his mum, my sister, still caters to his every need as if he has no clue how to put the kettle on, do laundry or wake up in time for school in the university.

As for me, my mum indulges in my love for the inanimate furball Garfield when she stayed over with me.

When I say that Garfield has to be burped after dinner she would laugh and say, “only crazy me would say that”

The ultimate proof was when she commented on my lugging Garfield to the sofa and to bed. “No wonder Garfield does not grow up as you hug him so much…you stunt its ability to grow!”

Voila my proof that she sees me as a child in her eyes or great Mathematicians would use the 3 alphabets after proving a solution Or theorem “Q.E.D”

I hope Joseph Nebus or Abyssbrain in reading would remind me what “Q.E.D”. stands for or means !! LOL!

Truth be told….ssshhh….I bring out the child in most people, including male company that I keep as friends, especially my ex boyfriends as they are stressed from too much realities of life at work! 😉

I’d have sung for my supper then!! 😉


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