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A New Phrase I Learnt Today

on May 29, 2015

I bumped into a familiar face today and as usual, we do what loads of people do….”shoot the breeze” which means we yakked about just everything under the sun! 😉

Familiar Face then spoke of a mutual aquaintance we both knew from business connectivity.

Though we both disliked the character and characteristics of this mutual aquaintance, we both agreed on his ability to wheel and deal. No wonder he can make millions whilst I make chop change! LOL!

Familiar Face said that this mutual aquaintance “perfumes the pig” well!

“Perfumes the pigs”??!! My eyes perked up. New phrase….but I knew exactly what he meant!!

Mutual Aquaintance was indeed great at taking something rotten or smelly but selling it as something in good shape after perfuming it!

We both admitted that Mutual Aquaintance did a great job at convincing a 3rd party to buy a business for an exotic obscene amount only to have the 3rd party see red ink for couple of years!

Like a maverick, the perfumer of pigs is back to offer to purchase the business for a song and a dance or maybe for less than a bottle of drinking water and probably re-perfume and re sell it to another person who “bought” the “fragrance”

We both laughed! Only the Perfumer of Pigs can do it and we both tipped our hats to his invisible presence.

Scruples? Ethics? Moral standards? Naahhh!! It is indeed a doggie eat dog world out there!

Caveat emptor!! :mrgreen:

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