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Asian Cooking Ala Jamie Oliver Style

on May 29, 2015

I have been enjoying my days off work, doing stuff I could not do whilst at work.

Man!! This is the life of the decadent or we say “Tai Tai” lifestyle – meaning not working but having some financial means. I could get used to this ha ha!!

Watching Jamie Oliver at noon is a fun thing to do. He is great in front of a camera and truly animated and at ease.

I find him really enthusiastic in Asian cooking and his rendition of our Laksa dish is very different.

I guess he makes it to suit the caucasian palate and not for native eaters like me 😉

His usage of red chillis for every dish and his ability to stomach chilli is amazing! Makes me wonder if he is asianised in a way ha ha!

I love the way his 15 minute meals come about as he blends, slices or dices veggies, adding heaps of garlic, ginger, bell peppers and herbs to literally every dish he presents.

I feel as if I can taste his meals as he dishes them out and plates it without fanfare using the chopping board or a serving tray.

A rustic and practical way of plating not using fanciful  flatware or chafers but simple stuff that is handy in our homes.

Though I may not agree with every dish as most things I do not eat…I heartily enjoy his showmanship and way of imparting culinary skills.

I like watching Jamie and once my self imposed holiday ends, I will miss him on my goggle box at noon! Sigh…..all good things must come to an end ha ha!!

2 responses to “Asian Cooking Ala Jamie Oliver Style

  1. Raymond says:

    Just don’t watch him at night or you will get yourself in trouble lol (craving for food instead of cooking)

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