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Nutty Grocery Shopping

on May 29, 2015

I must be nuts!! I truly must be nuts!

I did my usual grocery shopping and ended up buying 4 packets of 2.5kg of Top detergent for laundry.

I have 2 packets of 2.5kg, 5 kg packet of Spin, 3 kg of Fab x 2 packets and 5 kg of Persil.

Mad right?! All this for me, myself and I to do laundry…ha ha!

31 kg of soap powder and I feel so achieved!! I use soap powder like crazy as everything must smell good but I admit, I went overboard.

I guess I am also liking a buffet syndrome even for soap powders 😉

Meanwhile my car has gone for servicing and though I am given a replacement car to use, I feel it is not mine and not quite comfy to drive though it is same make and model. It is all in the mind they say….and I agree 🙂

Well tomorrow I cannot be nutty or exhibit any sense of nutty syndrome as I have to be with the Duke of Yore.

I must can my zany loony laughter and not talk to Garfield as if he is real! *Though the Duke of Yore knows I love my inanimate fur ball ha ha!

Enjoy your evening and a lovely weekend ahead folks 😉

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