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Hot! Hot! Hot!

on May 30, 2015

The heat is relentless today and I can feel the heat radiating from the roads.

Still, we are no where near the 45 degrees celcius of India when I read this morning papers over my cuppa ying yang concoction of tea and coffee in one mug!

It is sad hearing of the Indians arriving dead at the hospitals from heat stroke.

Anderson Road is closed to heavy traffic as 26 defence world leaders are congregating at our gorgeous lush and cool area of the Shangri La Hotel.

Shangri-La has one of the best Japanese Restaurant “Nadaman” and one can easily part with more than $1,000 per head for very elegant pretty Japanese plated cuisine.

I was once a guest there of a head honcho and ate a simple bowl of unagi eel and rice with ochar.

The piquant rice and flavorful ochar was elaborately served and I enjoyed the experience more than the food. Ha! Ha! Rubber mouth me as everything tasted great.

I am writing whilst waiting for the event I am attending to start and could not help but overhear everyone in the room complaining how hot it was outside and how grateful they were for the great air conditioning in the hall ha ha!!

9 responses to “Hot! Hot! Hot!

  1. Ady says:

    We are just gazing at skies and wishing for rain !!! Why doesn’t it rain in summer season 😦

  2. Raymond says:

    You aren’t alone. I feel burning fire out of my body I want to share. It’s an emerging hot coming from hot weather from outside and inside with lava temperature around my body 600C. Probably it’s better to send it off to volcano mount nearby lol

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