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on May 31, 2015

My friend Mr T (ha ha…not A Team’s Mr T) loves long weekends where he can get out on his boat to go fishing.

Mr T is a serious fishing person and I marvel at his catch yesterday. Absolutely jealous I told him when I saw the photo he what’s apped me.

He catches enough for his family and his buddies on board the fishing trip


Photo Taken By Mr T

I saw his catch….wow!! Mackerels and other South China Sea fishes. Great for curries and I am sure he and his Chef friend will have a “wok” day with this!

My own catches are never as great as his as I stand and fish off a jetty usually.


My Own Prize Catch - Bream Larger Than A Dinner Knife Taken In 2012, Adelaide

Meanwhile my brother does his fishing in HK and his prize catch is below.


My Brother's Catch Of The Day - Size Of Dinner Serving Plate

Fishing is about patience and fishing enough to eat and not over fish 🙂

2 responses to “Fishing

  1. Randstein says:

    Nothing tastes better than fresh from the water or garden 🙂

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