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Comedy Of Errors

on June 25, 2015

I know things are amiss when I sit and wait for my folks to turn up and they fail to show.

As a daughter of theirs, my immediate thought is my dad probably boo booed on understanding that he was supposed to drive over.

This is a perennial problem as he always assume that I will drive over, pick them up and send them home. Which, I do actually and probably end the waiting times for he and I, except we are both at opposite ends.

A real comedy of errors whenever this happens and dinner is delayed by an hour.

Lesson to self: Just pick them up or ensure dinner reservations are always put an hour later 😦

I was particularly careful this round as I sent him a text message.

On reaching home, I further text him to wait for me by the pool where it is comfy with pool chairs and mum with him can wait.

Plus with my brother flying in from HK, he is the designated driver.

A purrrfect plan I thought. Messages sent. Reminders sent. Yet, blimey….we both waited at different ends! Ugh!! Sighs….

My concern was more the late timing as it means mum would be famished as by the time we got together, it will be almost 9pm before they get to chow down! Sigh!! My bigger worry is gastric for mum will kick in!

I must learn to just simply pick them…..sigh….I thought I could save time as it takes me an hour to get to them! Bah!

A comedy of errors indeed 😀

I gotta learn….

7 responses to “Comedy Of Errors

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    The good part is that the more careful you are to make plans that leave nothing up to ambiguity or chance the more you discover how impossible it is to unambiguously get anything planned.

  2. ulli says:

    Sometimes I think people don’t listen and don’t read, they just make associations of your words 🙂

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Greetings Ulli! I fully agree with you 🙂
      I am still unable to read your posts though as nothing is refreshed! Sad! I hope you solve the technical glitch soon. Looking forward to your posts 🙂

      • ulli says:

        Hi Garfield,
        There is no significant problem- only the next to last post is before the antepenultimate post- 😉
        Have a nice day 🙂

  3. scifihammy says:

    The best laid plans 😦 I guess we might all get older and confused? Funny what you say tho about mis-communication, as I felt I was speaking a different language in UK (yes it was English) as no-one seemed to understand me!! Lots of confusion too. I think it’s like Ulli says, people don’t really read/listen.

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