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Off To Spy On Electrical Lord’s Assets

on June 27, 2015

‘Tis Saturday as Shakespeare would quip!

How now sot?

This sot is off to be Secret Squirrel, the one with the evil eye to see sloth, greed and other components of the 7 sins!

Electrical Lord only wants to ensure no sloth or greed. He abhors slackers.

He has a motto “use minions” “maximise minions”! 😉

Good or bad philosophy?

I look at it positively. It trains discipline. Sloth and greed are undoubtedly bad traits of characters.

But in extremes, it is misconstrued as exploitation which is no lesser than the sweat shops of the old days.

Electrical Lord’s biggest beef is seeing minions using the tablets or hand held devices when they should be focusing on work.

“You’re fired” – in the exact words of the great Donald Trump in the apprentice and indeed we do have a huge pool of apprentices.

My challenge is to replace faster than they are fired. Temp staff or part timers….how do we manage minions who are not here for long haul?!

To market this little piggy is off…I sure hope I do not bag the minions and or catch them using smart devices.

Happy Saturday folks! 🙂

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