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Watching Minions 2 & Lunch@ABC Boulangerie

on June 28, 2015

Lunch@ABC Boulangerie

Chef Salad and Caesar Salad with lemon tart and dark chocolate tart! Yum!! Sinfully decadent but painfully delicious…painful as calories after 😨


ABC Boulangerie Serves Great Artisan Breads


Delectable Capuccino With Art


Bro had a capuccino and I had a latte.

I forgot to take photos of the Wagyu Burger I had and Wagyu Steak that my bro had! Too hungry and dug in!

My brother paid almost $80 for the meal…how nice to have a treat from bro 🙂

I had to doggie bag the tarts and some of the meal! Much too much too eat….eyes bigger than stomach as usual 😤

We then dashed off to watch Minions 2!!

6 responses to “Watching Minions 2 & Lunch@ABC Boulangerie

  1. Thumbup says:

    Oh god! So beautiful!

  2. scifihammy says:

    Yum! And so nice to be treated 🙂 I’m sure Minions 2 was fun. 🙂

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