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Ultimate Monday Blues With Electrical Lord

on June 29, 2015

Today was a killer Monday!

Mondays are always a chore…especially much worst after a day of pigging out on Sunday πŸ˜‰

So whilst my stomach may not rumble with hunger as I had a filling two meals of lunch and dinner Sunday night, my brain was “undernourished”

I worked non stop from 7.30am till 7.30pm to start my drive home, reaching home after 8pm as traffic was brutal! 😤

Rummaging my fridge I found some food and ate it. Simple yet good enough.

As I wind down, I realised my work load is terribly heavy. But Electrical Lord did not think so UGH!

I was given a safety portfolio. This means, I have to manage risks to comply with and ensure compliance with relevant government agencies.

My umbrella of duties is a far reaching one. If I think positively, it seems Electrical Lord thinks I am capable.

If I think negatively, it means major exploitation of me, myself and I.

Plus, Electrical Lord thinks I am Super Woman….Wonder Woman all rolled in one!

Sigh…I am no Lynda Carter who played Wonder Woman. I looked into the mirror….nope am not Wonder Woman ….but I see my furry inanimate furball Garfield!!😆

I do not have a golden lasso that forces “bad” guys to speaketh the truth nor do I have an invisible plane to jet off! πŸ˜•

I am also to look after IT and manage the entire group of companies.

Hiring replacements that are swiftly terminated by doggone weird head honchos. I am “breathless” running this “hiring” marathon.

Chopped faster than a speeding bullet. Off with the head and characters are lobbed off!😣

Business is so fast paced that everyone is literally bushed😥

It is a job….a challenging and non stop job from dawn to twilight….actually….


Gaaarrrfield where are you?! I need a Garfield hug and the weather is a sweltering 35C!! Ugh!!

Sigh….I start work again in 8 hours again! ;-(

2 responses to “Ultimate Monday Blues With Electrical Lord

  1. scifihammy says:

    Really sounds like a killer Monday 😦 Sorry to hear your work load is so impossible. Good Luck πŸ™‚

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