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Indian Fish Head Curry & Prata

on June 30, 2015

In my little red dot, Indian curry fish head is a MUST or we say “die die must try” 😀

Besides Little India’s Race Course Road, there are 2 other enclaves that sell fish head curries and accompanying sides like prata that comes in normal plain or paper prata.

These are at (1) Old Upper Thomson Road’s Casuarina Indian Curry Restaurant and (2) Jalan Kayu.

Of course there are the top end restaurants at Dempsey’s Muthu’s Curry and Samy’s Curry Restaurant.

Tonight, Bro took mum, dad and I to Casuarina.

We ordered a large fish head curry, medium sides of spinach, cabbage and cauliflower cooked in spices.

4 glasses of lime juice and 1 mug teh o kosong (black tea without sugar) to wash it down or we say chug down the curries 😉

Total bill $51.10! Relatively reasonable I thought though the place has the ambience of eating in India.


Hard flooring, basic tables and chairs and din that followed. We cannot hear ourselves talk amidst the youngsters screaming in laughter or shouting and the service staff shouting instructions on orders.

Though food was fine, I doubt I would be back for the noisy ambience 😀


A Fish Head Swimming In Curry - Doggone Where's The Body?


Prata Plain


Spinach Boiled In Spices! Even Toothless Can Eat!


Curried Cauliflower, Perfect For Seniors Without Teeth!

2 responses to “Indian Fish Head Curry & Prata

  1. needeanshu says:

    Indian food.. Yummmm :-p

    In Indias varied languages ..
    Maach muder jhol(fish head curry)
    Hindi–> Plain parantha
    Palak saag(spinach)
    Gobi ki sabji (cauliflower curry)..

    Hope I dint bore u with my language translations.. :-p

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