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Life Span Of An Employee Is Maximum 6 Months

on July 28, 2015

Electrical Lord faces challenges in the minion world.

The average life span of an employee regardless of rank is under 6 months.

I racked my brains and wondered why could the older staff remain for a good 20 years, making it their first and last jobs. But yet the new joiners barely make it past 6 months!

True, we are not paid premium salaries but we are not paid poorly too comparatively speaking.

In terms of benefits, there are none. No medical hospitalisation cover, just outpatient treatment on a co pay basis.

But what is nice is that they treat employees as humans in that they provide that cuppa java or tea or milo and all you can eat cookies.

One theory is that the older employees make it hard for the new ones to stay.

This means they hoard information, making the newbies dig very hard for information.

This frustrates newbies as oldies tend to feign ignorance well and little information allows an easy lead in time.

Resistance to change is very strong and oldies who are not goodies actually stifle growth.

If I had it my way, I would release the hard core not doing much oldies who are making it hard for progress to happen.

I feel that oldies must co exist with newbies. Live and let live and change to stay relevant or else they get left behind.

What they should not do is politicise and make working life hard for newbies as newbies bring in fresh ideas, new technological improvements.

But then, the selfish “I” before “others” remain, as it is protection of their own rice bowl or jobs that gives rise to these selfish antics by oldies.


9 responses to “Life Span Of An Employee Is Maximum 6 Months

  1. scifihammy says:

    6 months is a very short turn around! Yet on the other extreme, staying in one company for life is rather stifling – how do you grow? And for sure the oldies should not hamper the growth of the newbies and the company!

  2. HN says:

    I guess the fear of being obsolete makes a person hoards information. But the boss hired newbies because there are enough tasks to go around right? I hope you will be happy there and not leave! 6 months is such a short time at a job, to leave to begin the whole process of procuring a job again.

  3. Feel so sorry to hear how the oldies treat the newbies! 😦 I guess they are feeling very insecure and worried the newbies might take over them.

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