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Stock Take…..Why Me?!

on July 30, 2015

Mr Warehouse has decided to resign and Electrical Lord has called for a stock take of our warehouse on levels 6 to 10.

The best part is, Electrical Lord wants it done during our Jubilee Celebration SG50 public holidays spanning 7th August till 11th August when we report for work.

It shall be 7th August as decreed.

Long faces went throughout the office floor. What has HR got to do with stocks asked my minion.

My minions are a calculative bunch. Overtime will be paid I said. Or replacement days off.

Other minions accepted it and I managed to round up 21 sheep.

As my spine does not allow me to be on my feet from 8.30am till midnight, nor am I capable of shifting boxes to count, I am not putting self on list.

If Money Bags has his team in place it should just be a case of Finance and Logistics being involved instead of IT, Business Development, HR, F & B etc.

I can agree that Purchasing should be involved but all others?

Shorthanded and clueless buggers I guess.

My latest reign of power is extended to include installation, logistics, diesel pumps and tank, HR (my ordained task) Admin, Outdoor Sales, Customer Relations, Retail…..soon I might have to clean toilets too…😤

One price fits all….

Know all…..

See all….

Do all…..

I am a bargain employee πŸ˜•

I guess the Gods are testing me.


11 responses to “Stock Take…..Why Me?!

  1. eyes93 says:

    Dont worry …God will see through all your problems. ..u won’t hav to clean toilets

  2. scifihammy says:

    Talk about multi-tasking – this is taking it to extremes! I am glad to see you can delegate some of the grunt work, but look after yourself! πŸ™‚

  3. ulli says:

    You should fix some limits, can’t you, GH? Take care.

  4. Feel so sorry to hear dear! Please take good care of yourself. Fur garfield needs a healthy mama πŸ™‚

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