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Mos Burgers…..Fast Food!

on July 31, 2015

I am unsure if you have this fast food chain of “burgers” where you are.

Tonight, I decided to take my parents to try this fast food chain of “burgers”

The difference was that unlike the likes of Burger King and or McDonald’s they have both bread buns and rice patties!

I suspect it is of Japanese origin and ate once some years ago at Shaw Center, off Scotts Road, an unagi eel burger.

I enjoyed it as it fulfilled my Japanese craving of some rice and unagi eel squeezed between two tightly packed rice pattie.

Not thick rice pattie but slim and elegant to give you that right munch.

Since the nuclear reactor incident in Japan, unagi eel is off their menu.

In fact in most restaurants, unagi eel is hardly served and I miss it ;-(

My dad would never eat McDonalds as he says it is pan fried and lesser taste in quality than compared to a flame broiled Burger King Burger! LOL!

Dad must have watched too many Burger King adverts on TV!! 😂

So tonight was my dad’s big adventure. He chose Ebi Burger.

Dumbo me who speaketh no Nippon is like parlaise vous Francaise…thought it was “fish” till luckily I asked and was told it was a shellfish…a prawn paste pattie!!

I settled for Yakiniku…slices of beef with rice pattie prepared with a lovely japanese seasoning. Bits of veggies like lettuce, bok choy was in the concotion. Yummy!!😍

Mum had shrimps with her rice pattie and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Both of them shared a cup of clam chowder.

I ordered a side of salad, apple pie bits made in little puffs of apple pie filling that gave one bite, no more.

$2.10 for 4 bites which fitted us 3 well with an extra bite for me as I walked close to 5,000 steps today. Hooh Yah!! πŸ™‚

For drinks mum and I had hot lemon tea unsweetened and dad had iced lemon tea!

The bill came up to $28.45!

Economically priced and something new I felt for mum and dad.

A nice outing for my folks as we patronised the branch located at Tanjong Pagar where Amara Hotel is located.

Happy Friday folks πŸ™‚

Garfield hugs πŸ™‚


9 responses to “Mos Burgers…..Fast Food!

  1. eyes93 says:

    Have a nice tym… Parents tym out is best outing:-)

  2. scifihammy says:

    I love your meals out with your parents – it is like I am there along with you enjoying those exotic foods πŸ™‚

  3. Hope you had a lovely time with your parents! πŸ™‚ I do like to go to Mos Burger once in a while ( me Chinese need some rice lol :P)

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