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So It’s Thursday….

on August 27, 2015

It is the end of Thursday for me at my end of the world 🙂 AND I am jubilant! 😀

It means Friday is tomorrow and I am so happy to receive TGIF with open arms.

But….there always seem to be a proverbial BUT ;-(

Electrical Lord wants me, the most “free” person in the company to take on FINANCE.

Me?! I can hardly count beyond my thumbs and toes.

The idiotic Money Bags is sheltered and keeps telling Electrical Lord he cannot cope with tonnes of signatory. Paper paper everywhere!

Sooo, I am tasked to evaluate an IT system to go paperless or E Payment solution.

I am in people management. I am minion and handle minion work but now, I am in charge to oversee a program to help this twerp.

Ugh! What is it with ME? Do I have a signage on my forehead saying…”I am so free…use me?”

I dislike Money Bags’ attitude.

He has to take ownership.

He has to describe the workflow to enable the process.

Only he thinks he is busy and the rest of us are terribly free, working through lunch and being so very productive!

Else, I guess I decide and if he does not speak up….then he has to forever hold his peace 😉

LOL! Sounds like a wedding vow…

Or maybe he is a goon who is clueless as money bags and perhaps with little grey matter in the cerebal hemisphere perhaps? 😉

I am huffy and I guess a tad uptight as there is so much to do.

Friday…..Friday…wherefore art thou Friday….4 hours away…4 hours away 😀


9 responses to “So It’s Thursday….

  1. scifihammy says:

    Aw, Not fair to have to do Another person’s job! TGIF – Soon for you 🙂

  2. ulli says:

    TGIF is the magic word, GH 🙂
    Try to find a creative strategy to occupy Money Bag more than now:
    workflow-description, optimising workflow, draftpaper 1, 2, … 😉
    and: keep cool GH

  3. Happy Friday ahead! Get some good sleep tonight and go celebrate TGIF with fur Garfield tomorrow! 😀 😉

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