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on August 29, 2015

Sister flew in from Auckland this evening.

She is to stay a night at our parents’ home before having her son fly in tomorrow and leave for Bali for her own family’s vacation.

This is her hub point to go to Bali for sun, sand and sea.

Flying all the way out from New Zealand only to spend less than 24 hours with her parents is a sad experience for our parents.

She returns once a year and can only afford less than a day in a year!


Grandson will not even get to see his omar (grandma) and gong gong (grandpa). He is flying straight from Auckland to Changi Airport and meet his mum in transit to hop onto a plane for Bali.

I disagree on my sister’s treatment of her parents.

My parents are the least calculating and most generous in giving us things, including and not limited to just monies.

Yet, I cannot fathom why she can turn away and not spare a couple of days in a year for them out of her vacation. Even when my mum was hospitalised earlier this year, she denied responsibility and told me not to disturb her unless it was end times! ;-(

I feel for my parents.

I am not a parent and never will be, as I dislike kids. Why? They remind me of my selfish siblings.

I was once taught that it was my siblings’ choice.

Their choice to treat my parents as they choose.

I do not understand nor do I see their way of think thoughts.

I was told not to impose my will to them to see things my way! But seriously..  hmm what way is there to see things?

Western teaching allows a child to ignore their parents as they move on in their lives.

Confucian teaching in my culture teaches fiial piety. My parents are my care as they brought me up.

It is said in our culture if you have a daughter, you lose her once she marries to the tiger mom in laws.

If you have a son, you also lose him as his tiger wife will disallow him from going home to his maternal family.

Both rang true for my folks.

I am smarter….not to marry or actually the truth is no man wanted me LOL!

Maybe I am a hideous ogress?

Toothless with a hunch back?

Or a nicer way of putting it is, my knight in shining armour did not sign up for a wifi plan and his blue tooth pairing failed to connect to me πŸ˜‰

Neither do I want to be a daughter in law nor a wife to a mummy’s boy who is hen pecked by big momma!

But not all is true as some children really dote on their parents; single or married.

I guess it the luck of the draw.

Or I call it karma. Maybe past life my sister was ill treated by her current mum and dad. This life she ill treats them back.

Evil thing this karma is…..

As for my brother, he is hen pecked by Lizard.

If Lizard does not endorse his exit permit or “home affairs visa”, he cannot see his mum or dad.

Such is parenthood. Whoever said parenthood is 100% joy, I’d say think again. Children are forever children in the eyes of parents, regardless of age.

But children never see selves as children and today’s strawberry generation sees a selfish strain of future adults that puts self before others.

I wonder what my little red dot will be like 50 years from now with this type of adults who grew up on social media? Selfish, self centred or?

I will not know as I will be probably be very dead by then! Dead as a door nail πŸ˜€

For mothers with children…don’t have expectations. It is saddest waiting for kids to return and they don’t.

Live, breed, let go…..

If they return, they return.

If they don’t, so be it.

Others will love you…be it a stranger, a neighbor or a cat or dog or inanimate furball like my Garfield who let you hug it to bits!

Garfield hugs to all πŸ™‚


9 responses to “My Stash

  1. scifihammy says:

    I agree with what you write. Sadly your sister’s treatment of your parents is not unique. I have friends who have siblings who also treat their parents really badly and never visit, even tho in some cases they live 15 minutes away!.
    It is so sad for the parents, and for the decent siblings. I mean really, if you are bothering to pop by why not stay a decent time?
    Oh well, your parents have You, and you have them, and your friends, and your WP friends, and of course Garfield πŸ™‚

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Sci, I am ever so grateful for your kind comforting words. This is why I volunteer to serve the elderly community at a national level. It is a trend now in my little red dot and many seniors are lonely, sad and very helpless somtimes. As I see my parents go thru it, I feel their pain. Thankfully they have friends and neighborly support to keep them going but like most parents, nothing beats having love from children. Yes, I am grateful to have WP friends like you and laughter is good for sanity. Aah well…back to Garfield toe tugging and reading antics of SL and LM…and other blog posts – this keeps me happy πŸ™‚

  2. I couldn’t believe you sister did that to your parents. Honestly, your parents have been treating her so well and it isn’t even that hard to spend some good quality time with them. Really sorry to hear that! 😦 Well as Sci said, your parents got you (a super sweet daughter), Garfield, your friends and us so don’t be too sad about it πŸ˜‰ Super big Garfield to you and your parents!!! ❀

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