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on August 29, 2015

The humble bulbous onion is a bone of contention for different folks.

In India, foul cries of “murder” in the economy as Indians face inflationary cost of onions costing SGD1.50 a kilo (70 rupees).

Indians love their onions. Onions are used daily as their staple for meal dishes.

My part time help from Bagladesh also love his onions.

He would tut tutt away when he sees me bringing home silver onions from stores, hailing from USA!

“Not spicy..not nice! India one good! Spicy!” He would proclaim in his broken English.

He is not wrong. Over the years I realise lesser onions hailing from India as exports lessened given India’s own shortage cries of “murder by onions”

Deep red purplish colored onions and shallots are now very expensive here too.

I used to pay $0.80 for a 300gm bag of shallots that now cost $2.50.

I use raw shallows to complement canned sardines in tomato sauce with cut red  chillis. This is excellent with rice.

I like chopped red large onions with egg pan fried into an omelette.

But with large onions going for almost $5.00 for a bag of 8 pcs at Cold Storage, I decided it caused my purse to weep too, as much as my eyes when peeling it.

Much ado about onions in India today, of which I empathise with the Indians as I love having onions sauteed with garlic and frying it with rice or veggies or meats.

The humble onion is now in a regal class of its own price….priceless soon!! 🙂

I eagerly await my part time help’s return from home leave as my home needs housekeeping…and I know he will surely bring me a bag of onions from Bangladesh…his pride and joy!!

Heh heh…pride and joy to my tummy too 😀


10 responses to “Onions….

  1. scifihammy says:

    Onions, like garlic, are natures antibiotic. – Maybe because people (and their germs) keep away from you when you have been eating them! 😀
    I like cheese and onion toasted sandwiches. Most people will have cheese and tomato.
    I hope your help returns soon – you could do with a break at the weekend, not chores. 🙂

  2. needeanshu says:

    Wow a post on onions was actually on my mind.. M glad you posted this.. What with the price of onions sky rocketing, It’s becoming Very difficult for the common man to afford them.As you rightly stated, in India no dish is complete without onions in it.. We even have it in salads everyday so now with prices soaring we have to wisely use them. For a labourer a meal means rice gruel or roti with onions so..
    We have wats app messages and videos circulating comparing onions in place of diamonds.. Hilarious.. Hopefully the prices fall down soon..

  3. Onions and garlic together made yummy dishes 🙂 I bet fur Garfield’s mouth must be watering when you are cooking 😀

  4. Thumbup says:

    I love all kinds of onions! Garlic too!

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