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Trouble Abrewing In My Backyard

on August 29, 2015

The surroundings of my little red dot is mired with countries not doing too well economically and politically.

Malaysia’s currency has plumetted.

Chinese Yuan is devalued.

Thailand has political unrest and the recent bombings have spooked tourists.

Today I read in the papers that Bersih has taken the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to rally for Prime Minister (PM) Najib to step down as the hundreds of millions of dollars went into his personal bank account.

Thousands of yellow shirts have gathered in the streets of Malaysia to pressure their incumbent PM Najib to step down.

This does not bode well for us as our current 2.5% growth economically will be grossly affected as our SGD is strong.

Our exports will be costlier though imports cheaper.

Tourists will find it not cost effective to visit my little red dot as MYR costs 3.01 to get SGD1.

Our high speed rail plan between Singapore to KL in 45 minutes has been silenced in the wake of current political dissent in Malaysian politics. I wonder if it will continue given PM Najib’s situation.

When any of our neighboring countries sneezes, we catch a cold.

Yet we are reminded of our smallness in size as it was Indonesia who gave us a snide remark that “Singapore is a little red dot”

Singaporeans are resilient and today we marketed selves as little red dot and we are darn proud of it.

We have to thank them for coining this for us 😉

So neh nanny boo boo to Indonesia 😝😝

We may be small but we give tens of  millions of dollars to a big country like Indonesia who snubs our size and pollutes our air quality 3 months in a year from their farming “slash and burn policy” – we are good neighbors and share our wealth.

Unfazed and unashamed by the pollution, instead of apologising, Indonesia says we ought to thank them for 9 months of oxygen the trees give out!

We are small. We are as you say, a little red dot and you remind us of our place. But we have a good air force, naval force and armed forces.

Plus we have one of the highest GDP in the world although we have zero natural resources 😛

I sincerely hope that Bersih will let it go and disperse as Malaysia’s National Day is on 31 August 2015 and it may cause riots if not contained.

May peace reign in our region and economic growth follows suit.


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