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New Stand In Part Time Help

on August 30, 2015

My interim part time help has the same name as my current part time help!

What are the odds? Maybe it is like the “Smiths” or “Joneses” of his land! 😉

A young person, T,  I hear of T’s sorry tale. T’s country land does not pay jobs well. T has to support 5 members of family. T comes to my little red dot as it is a well governed safe country with good currency.

It is nice to be trusted as a country and I in turn try to help foreign workers as much as I can.

Their plight is the same. All leave in search of better life.

I looked at my life. I am lucky to have a roof over my head and proper sanitation. Should I be less complainative?

Though I have an Electrical Lord, I get to earn a fair keep though working hours are tiring and very long.

It is better than being jobless!

I guess I have to accept my minion hood till my declining years 🙂

For us “luckier” ones, when we work overseas, it can be on expatriate status which means company provides board and lodging.

Super expatriate status can be the whole works as in bumper wages, maids in tow, expat school for kids, car with chauffeur or self drive and all meal allowances including relocation package. 😆

If I have an option to relocate overseas I still have to ponder the inponderables of leaving two senior parents of mine.

Afterall they have no one else to call on for assistance and I cannot leave them behind.

Life is not all about climbing the corporate ladder or after that mega pot of gold.


Courtesy Of Internet

I have precious time left on this earth and I want to do things that I cannot regret.

I also know full well that all the wealth (if I do get to this point) I accumulate cannot be brought with me to neder world.

I am no Mr Trump. My hair is real and I am not running for a spot in the oval office 😀


8 responses to “New Stand In Part Time Help

  1. scifihammy says:

    Another thing to consider – if you ever did move to another country – is that you probably won’t find as good medical care as you get in Singapore.
    I like your rainbow saying – and I also believe that the grass is Not greener on the other side. 🙂

  2. ulli says:

    People tend to want what they do not have – that’s normal. But I like:
    “Be happy about two things: What you have and what you don’t need”.
    Ulli, also a dreamer 😉

  3. Such a sweet daughter you are! Your parents must be proud of having you as their daughter (being so sweet and considerate all the time) 🙂 🙂 🙂

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