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A Nightcap Post

on November 26, 2015

What a day!!

Trotted home and at an hour to midnight, can do a quick stress relieving post! Yaay!!πŸ˜ƒ

Sermon from Electrical Lord was long.

But tonight’s sermon was effective in that Electrical Lord counselled Newbie. Ha ha!

Mr Money Bags has been rail roaded enough and he has squealed to his Lordship.

A summoning of minions followed.

His Lordship gently reminded Newbie that each of us have lots to do.

For Money Bags to give 3 hours to Newbie to learn a software is ineffective.

I laughed so loud in my heart that I hoped no one heard other than my heart.

Newbie refuses to get hands dirty and had proclaimed self as Managing Director😨

Newbie expects to be served with info and she loves hoarding information thinking she can hound others till the information is produced.

She is not mindful of others’ work schedule.

Today I caught her wearing hotel slippers in the office. I smiled my widest and asked if we were in a hotel room! Sarcasm at its best!!😜

This is our minions’ policy.

Dress with decorum.

Second warning delivered….shows her stubborness and thinking she is the newly ordained Lordship.

She spluttered to Electrical Lord seeking to argue that she was mistreated by Money Bags.

Silly her….Money Bags has 4 years’ relationship with Electrical Lord and Money Bags was given a Mercedes.

Newbie is silly to think she can “kill” Money Bags. Or maybe she can, if she continues to twirl her long tresses and flaunt her feminine “assets”…πŸ˜‰

The saga continues…..😨😱😲

Nighty night night! I do not want to have nightmares of Newbie and Money Bags swashbuckling with my precious inanimate furball Garfield!! 😝😝

One response to “A Nightcap Post

  1. Neethu says:

    A hectic week indeed.. Hope you have a great weekend.. πŸ‘

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