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Today’s Topic In Our Local Papers

on November 27, 2015

I was surprised to read in the Forum page of today’s Straits Times on the views expressed by our local Singaporeans for foreign doctors.

Our Netizens are not kind really when it comes to ‘jobs’ as they view foreigners coming and snatching away our precious available jobs.

In my humble view, it is a 2 way street. Our locals dot the world and work in companies across the world. They earn equal salary and get same perks that the locals of the countries they work.

For the higher ranking officers, they work as expatriates.

Foreigners come into our land as investors. True, we have black sheep amongst this lot too. But not all are the same, just like not all Singaporeans are all nice and kind.

I have seen morons in my country and I am a local. I am a minion in a local company and Newbie is a local and she is no lesser of a moron who is selfish and political at work.

Hence when the flurry of letters flourished in the newspapers after an article write up showed that the local hospitals are hiring more foreign doctors as specialists and family practice groups, it showed the unhappiness of locals.

Whilst I can agree that they may face a language barrier to our silver population, the presence of an interpreter irked the patients as they now complained of the lack of doctor patient privacy!

The internet is to blame in a way as people become more litigious and complainative as they have information on their “rights” in an instant and readily.

The root cause of the problem is that like all economies, we are facing an aging population. To meet the needs of doctor to patient ratio, importation of foreign doctors was necessary.

Further, if locals do not meet the mark to practice as doctors, does it mean that we compromise standards for doctoring on the basis that the person is Singaporean?

I am appreciative and grateful of doctors in any race, religion or creed.

Once I was at Kangaroo Island, Adelaide, Australia and was rather ill. I was coughing like a banshee and I popped by at their little “hospital”

I was not an Australian but the doctors there were very kind, patient and I walked away without need to pay charges.

In my mind, not all doctors are bad or sub standard. Yes, we do have the odd one or two but they are taken to task by the right authorities that govern them.

Personally, I have experienced good patient doctor care from India, UK, Malaysia, America and Australia. There are stringent criteria in the selection of any practicing doctor in our little red dot and I trust the system in place as our government is a good one.

Not one broom sweeps all. Not all foreign doctors are inept or not good. It is a case of I say “ter-ma-toe” and you say “toh-ma-toe”  as it is English for “tomato” pronounced differently.

Thank you foreign doctors for coming to serve as doctors in our local tertiary hospitals and helping us with patient loads.

Soon, you will assimilate, you will love our food, join us in our “lahs” and pick up our colloquial slang.

Without you, our medical needs will be a back log.

Heaps of thanks 🙂 and prove the dissonant wrong ;-(

11 responses to “Today’s Topic In Our Local Papers

  1. BunKaryudo says:

    I agree with you. Personally, I wouldn’t care where a doctor came from, only if they could cure me or not. The nationality is really not important. I guess a lot of people in the blogging world feel the same way, though, because we’re used to being friends with people from all over the world.

  2. abyssbrain says:

    In Hong Kong, it’s more ridiculous than that. I don’t know if you are aware of it but just a few months ago, there are some clowns, I mean protesters who would threaten and even physically attack tourist from China since “they are buying too many things and we don’t have anything to buy anymore” or some BS like that. Those tourist from the Mainland normally purchase dozens of luxury items like jewelry and LV bags as if just buying commodities in the supermarket. Can those people buy them? Of course not. So in the end, they’re just damaging the economy and tourism of Hong Kong as a whole…

    And yeah, I personally know many foreign doctors and I know that they are competent at their jobs.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Yes. I read about it in Hong Kong. My brother is a resident there on business and he tells me the same ludricous antics of some of the Hong Kongers. I have seen HK in better times. Truly I agree, it does ruin business. Not helping sadly. Thnks for popping by with a comment. Have a peaceful and happy weekend ahead 😊

  3. Well said dear! 😉 Nationality doesn’t change their intention of curing their paitents.

    hahaha join you guys in your “lahs” – great one! 😀

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