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My Christmas Jingle…Or Not!

on December 19, 2015

The weather outside is balmy.

True the rains may have fallen but the humidity is real and we, living in little red dot will sweat like hogs or farm animals.

Unlike my brother in Hong Kong who text me that he is enjoying the cold weather naturally as part of seasonal weather, I am enjoying fake “Spring” weather in air con controlled climate at 22 degrees celsius.

Garfield, my inanimate furball dons his pant suit with a warm blanket swaddling his furball body, we are both faking winter in 32 degrees of balmy weather.

Had hot Milo, akin to hot chocolate except minus marshmallows, I am too lazy to rummage for dinner.

I really should get dinner but am finding motivation to do so.

Meanwhile everyone I know is getting to Star Wars except me.

Luke Sky Walker and Darth Vader do not impress me. Peanuts the Movie would though.

The Simpsons on free to air goggle box is on. It is still valid to my life views considering it was in 1986 when I first watched it I think.

Despite the length of time and being the longest running animated series (old fashioned word is “cartoon”), Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge and Homer are immortalised in time, never aging.

Meanwhile I age. I age ungracefully….all this aging gracefully is possible for those rich and famous I feel.

Come Christmas, I am another year older…we all are as we bid 2015 auld lang syne and usher in 2016.

In the blink of an eye, I lost another year.

Bummer…..I do not feel productive though…..still tossing on my decision as to if I will move my carcass to the kitchen to get dinner.

I did cook my usual pot of fried basmati rice with heaps of celery and roast duck with egg.

I could microwave that.

Actually cup kimchi ramen in snack portion sounds more alluring to the tummy.

But my tummy began protesting with gastric. Sloshing in spicy kimchi ramen will further irritate the gut.

I will live dangerously though and blame self after. Ha ha!

I am rambling folks….merely rambling…I must be getting older. 😆

11 responses to “My Christmas Jingle…Or Not!

  1. Uhmn, this weather is getting interesting… it is noticeably warmer than average for this time of the year in the UK too. Hopefully, we wouldn’t pay high price for this warmth.

  2. The V-Pub says:

    Rambling is good! lol I haven’t seen Star Wars yet, either. The lines are too long, and the story has already been told.

  3. Neethu says:

    Cheer too would prefer peanuts/ minions/ dinosaurs or toothless the dragon to star wars 😉
    And ahh basmati rice and roast duck yummmmm😋😋

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  5. Ramble on, my friend, it’s more interesting than Star Wars … us old codgers got a much better deal with the TV series of Star Trek!

  6. I have the same struggle. Some food are seriously yummy, but my tummy just can’t really handle it 😦

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  8. […] Garfield Hugs, My Christmas jingle… or not! […]

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