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Thankfully I did pretty well for English and even for TOEFL!! πŸ˜‚

TOEFL or Test Of English as A Foreign Language is a must for American University entry. I proudly aced it….less than 10 points from perfect scoreπŸ˜›

Unfortunately for Math….it was kinda like below…😝



Changi Airport Terminal 2

It has been a long time since I walked through Changi International Airport Terminal 2.

My preferred “go to place” for night eats with my parents has been Terminal 3 and not Terminal 2 (T2) as Terminal 3 (T3) is newer and we say, “much more happening” in terms of food outlets, merchandise mix.

*Note: Our international airport has 3 operating Terminals with the 4th one under construction.

But I had a reason to visit T2 as Bro was leaving for Hong Kong and though his flight is out of T1, all parking is moved from T1 to T2.

T2 has spruced up. Merchandise mix is more fun. Eateries have also expanded.

Penang Culture serving authentic Penang food, Fish & Co (Western), Crystal Jade (Chinese) and Chutney Mary (Indian food) to name a few.

Burger King is still there.

ABC Boulangerie or Artisan Breads have taken over the space used by a florist before.

We snacked at Chutney Mary.

As I was unfamiliar with the menu, I made poor choices.


Samosa and Vada were ordered but it did not suit my palate.

Operations Manager Mr Mohan was kind to change my samosa order as the one I ordered was dribbled generously with white yoghurt mix and mint spices. I was frightened by the amount of “milky” solutions and I was lactose intolerant 😊

Dad had pistachio kulfi and he gamely finished it though it was tough to eat it.


Bro ordered plain dosa and he loved it . Me tooπŸ˜ƒ

He made a good choice and we polished off the entire dosa. Paper thin, it was rather tasty!

Authentic Indian food….thumbs up for the service and I was told to avoid 7pm till 11pm as the line would be a super long one.

I must return with my parents for bryani and fish tikka one day.

These are dishes I know but were too heavy for tea.

It was sad parting with Bro. I wished he lived in Singapore.😒




Pray tell how do I see things?
Certainly not the way seen by Kings!

Optimism is not for ding a lings,
I do not richly own a vase from dynasty of Ming.

Ka…ching!! I’m not obscenely rich with bling blings!

My princely knight has not produced a ring,
Neither has he in song, sing!

Optimism is not something you can easily wing,
Wake up! Wake up! In reality I think.

Optimism….pessimism and any “isms” – life’s tools for daily survival skills!


My Thought For The Day….


I spent Friday at work behaving like an octopus from the moment the clock struck 8.30am, when the monkeys at work arrived.

Minion me has a period of bliss from 7am till 8.30am as I catch up on emails, enjoying my cup of java as I got work done.

But boy!! When 8.30am comes, the chatterings of monkeys can be a din.

A disciplinary issue to be resolved.

A baboon wants to start a staff “perk” – I am suspicious.

A macaque wants to break company policy to do things disallowed.

A horrid gibbon acts smart to tittle tattle.

A chimpanzee wants to leave the troop.

I had to install a new head chimp!

Yes….minion me had a day filled with activity that saw lines of assholes looking for me….

Yup….Electrical Lord pays this minion….I forgot.


Black Chicken Recipe

This is one dish I can do rather well….all I need is to get on wordpress and I am in my “zone”…happily posting….oblivious to time!!


Trust me, this is an acquired taste recipe! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Being Remembered….


What a way to get to be remembered!! Hmm….I rather  neither a borrower nor lender be πŸ˜‰

I need not be remembered…

I can be forgotten….

But hopefully…maybe …just maybe…somewhere out there…a person can slightly remember lil ol’ me….or at least my inanimate furball Garfield ha ha!

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