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Life is always hard for me,
Never easy nor calm as the sea.

The ripples that run across the sea,
Are equal to the storms in my cuppa tea!

If it isn’t about health issues,
I cry using loads of tissues,
Surgeons slicing my tissues!
Work issues…work issues!

Work is a royal pain in the ass,
No amount of prayers can help at mass.

I gave up on religion,
Neither of use is the legion,
Guns and knives are illegal in my region.

Life is life,
I am not a wife,
Instead I face strife.

Sleep is short,
A snore and a snort,
Then it is off to port.

If I ever get to see God,
I would call him a sod,
Abandoning me in a pod,
With a nod!

Life…..sucky yuckky life!


High Noon

I understand cowboy movies.

There is always one cowboy facing a villian and a shoot out occurs.

One dies and the other lives.

Good triumphs over evil. This is Clint Eastwood or John Wayne cowboy movies ala Hollywood styleπŸ˜‰

But in real life, high noon or shoot out at OK Coraal, hardly occurs but it is still lethal.

Today I faced off Electrical Lord and what do I get but 7 hours of sermon ala modeπŸ˜•

I had text him that I wanted to see him…one on one, minus the 17 years Political Queen with great backstabbing skills, I might addπŸ˜‰ and his 2 other women goons!

He refused and kept us 3 in his room from 1pm till 8pm, talking non stop when I wanted a face off!

I had enough on my plate and yet he kept loading my plate without allowing me to breathe.

Point is, I cannot cope! Electrical Lord is an idiot or perhaps plain obtuse! He chose not to listen.

He wants me to spearhead Culture Safe, run as Chair for Safety Committee including developing risk assessment plans for the entire group of 8 companies.

On top of this, I had to manage IPO, grant applications and a whole list that runs endlessly.

My argument was that in 24 hours of a day and wasting 7 hours sitting in his room, plus meetings etc how can a needle be sharp at both ends?

I snapped. He knew I was infuriated yet he kept insisting for me to do these tasks.

I hissed. So pray tell what must I do first as I cannot juggle any more balls! I felt like committing hara kiri!

Electrical Lord is unreasonable, a bully and an asinine turd. Yet he wonders why he is disliked by everyone?! Duhh!!

Till I can find another job, I have Hobson’s choice.

Either he sees me as the only competent fool or he does not know how to pronounce the other directors’ name and they are all incompetent!

I am flattered if it is the former but disgusted if it is the latter!

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Not A Decor For The Little Boy’s Room



Peace & Calm….

Now I know why…..



And So The Story Goes #16

Tuesday night, I was much on Mr Ex’s mind!

HA! Not romantically… now…more like to be of use to him.

Remember my last post of this series, he was trying to get his letters printed in the newspapers and he could not email through since he was out of the country.

And so my story begins….or goes…

My letter got published. Strange, there was no acknowledgement nor vetted or edited copy to me.

Good for you! Strange though. Check your spam filter as it could be trapped there. If you are outstationed and need help, I will kindly help.

Ok! When I am next constipated, I will write!

Constipated? You write? Puhleese, I will send you Dulcolax or Fleet…no need to write as no constipation  πŸ˜‰
Have a good night then. Rest!

Still working! Selling my backside!

What is this selling of backside nonsense…it gets boring!! No alarm to me anymore. My silent voice decided to retort but I held back.

Also if he writes when constipated and have issues emailing his letters…then he should address his constipation and tah dah…no letters, no email problem to begin me and no need to bother me! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Soon my silence retort became verbalised as my fingers refused to bow to silence!

Continue to sell your backside! Since you are selling it, sell more so that you can pay my invoice! HA!

Silence ensued till today at 1.30pm, my mobile phone rang.

You home?

Of course not! I got to work you know, unlike you! 😈

If only you can hear the sarcasm in my voiceπŸ˜‰

I thought you resting at home.

Mr Ex would call when he wants me to entertain him, live and in person. I suppose he feels the live and animated me giving him sarcasm or rudeness is his “entertainment” – he thinks I am his “Garfield” to dial a hug! Aaargh!

I have to work. No time for luxury like you, to eat or snack at your will πŸ˜•

I reminded self to be nicer. Accommodate him as per my New Year resolution to be nice to him!

Wellllll….if you like, you can look for me tonight after my work.

Tonight? I can’t as I have to earn lots of cash to survive!

Too bad then….earn more to pay my invoice then ha ha!!

I then hung up…I could visualise his jaw gaping!!



Wednesday….Not Friday Aargh!


It is Wednesday folks or in new speak, “hump day”

I am pooped…  dead tired finally feeling the effects of a 14 hour work day.

If there is anything for me to gripe about today, it would be…hey…guess what? I am now tasked to taking care of marketing communications.

Sure add it onto my load…what is another portfolio over and on top of 7 now and counting.

At this rate, I would probably croak faster, which ain’t bad as my suffering ends πŸ˜‰

Plus…I love to see the face of Electrical Lord trying to find my replacement.

It would be so cool with me hovering above as a spectre, taking sweet revenge!

I will ruffle anything in his office, giving him chilling hair rising experiences.

Yup! I will be the poltergeist of Electrical Lord, giving him a hard time.

He will be made to feel pain and suffering…humanise him though I prefer to euthanise him πŸ˜‚

I will also take away his riches just giving him enough such that he has to work and face a persona like him as boss!

Whoo hoo!! I am on a roll here….

Hmm…I wonder if this may become a bollywood blockbuster and I will get that famous bollywood actor with fantastic voice to play me…U forget his name but he will play a fantastic naughty ghost ha ha!


My Day

Latest new development in the days and life of Garfield Hug!

I think if my work life was made into a soap opera, I could possibly maybe outrun the American soap “General Hospital”  πŸ˜‚

Unfortunately, there is no McDreamy nor is there a John Cage of Ally McBeal series too.

Instead let me introduce my cast…

1. Electrical Lord, main star & Oscar winner for Best Actor

2. Ms 17 Years, superb tale carrier &
Evil Woman, Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress

3. Mr Safety, genuinely nice guy & Nobel Peace Prize winner

4. Mdm Sister, gives Tender Loving Care & Institute of Arbitrators for Best Arbitrator Award

5. Mr Marketing, Best Spender of $5million a year in advertising

6. Money Bags, Fastest Resignee…his bags are packed and he is out of the door come Friday!

7. Minion, Best Loser Award, Worst Political Player & Most Used Award

Best part is, everyone lies and I know it!


Thank goodness, I learnt about “everybody lies” in House MD – Gregory House…πŸ‘πŸ‘

Today my office drama centered on safety.

Local laws require risk assessors to be trained and assigned.

Electrical Lord wanted an immediate fix to this gap and started berating me, insisting that since I had to attend safety assessment, I would be the fall guy for him if anything happens and that I would do his jail term.*He thinks he owns the Courts. He forgets Lil Red Dot is non corruptible! Hoo Yeah!!

As the owner of the company he wanted to shirk his responsibility and pin it on me if any security lapses occured.

He turned to me and gallantly said that he would send someone to visit me in prison and as for my parents, if he feels like it, he would visit them. *He acts so full of himself that I would barf πŸ™‚

He thinks he is tycoon living in 1800s where I have no civil liberties. I was, to him a slave or in my speak, a minion.

For the first time in my life, I cursed this man in my heart. How can one be so evil to insist that a minion be his fall guy and expect me to sell my life to him for a paltry salary!

He often brags of his charitable heart. He claims that suicide jumpers deserve a donation from him.

I wonder how he can lie and still treat us as if we are imbeciles!

The last time I checked, I did not sell my soul to the devil or in this case, Electrical Lord.

Had I wanted to sell my body, I could have prostituted self and get bucks!!

In his case, I am paid nothing, have to go to jail for him and I just wonder if he runs out of financials, would he them pimp us all?!

I ask the great forces to look down upon this situation and perhaps give him a lesson or too!

HA! That would make my day!!


Dogtor Indeed!


Four Legs has a good point!


Dinner@Royal Thai

Royal Thai is a restaurant tucked deep into the woods, off Eng Neo Avenue on the way to PIE Changi Airport or Tuas.

This hidden rustic eatery is tucked next to a golf driving range, a saddle club and Picotin Restaurant.

Mum and dad had previously eaten at Picotin and so, I decided to let them try Royal Thai, opposite Picotin.

The head chef of Royal Thai had previously cooked for the royal family and I guess this was why it was aptly named “Royal Thai”

I ordered a lovely steamed seabass in spicy light marinade, seasoned with lime, mint, basil and lots of sliced Thai Chilli padi ($49).

Minced pork or moo stir fried was another hit ($20)

Fried kangkong or water convulvus veggie in chilli paste sauce was yummy. ($12)

I felt the minced pork ball seaweed soup would augment the meal and true enough, it did not disappoint.($18)

Rice was at $1 a plate. We had 2 plates to share amongst 3 of us.

Dessert was a generous serving of lime sorbet and coconut ice cream. 3 scoops per serving at $5 a cup.

No GST and no service charge. Total cost for dinner was $111.

Mum paid for dinner as she wanted to treat dad and I.

Lovely meal in a rustic country side setting amidst the pinging sounds of golf balls being hit.

Value for money and generous portions with warm Thai service by waitresses from Thailand and who spoke very little English too.


Sunday News

Reading the Sunday Times in the morning over breakfast is a tad depressing!πŸ˜“

Brussels recent bomb attacks and the second man being caught gives room for cheer but the carnage is done. The dead cannot rise like Christ and walk amongst us whole!

Sadly, Brussels and Europe are hurled more terroist threats by ISIS.

My lil red dot knows that sooner or later we will be hit. I see military men guarding our airports, MRT stations and public areas. Are we anti terroist ready? As a lil red dot, are our people resilient?

2 young men were killed whilst walking on the MRT train track to resolve signalling issues. Safety lapses caused the sad end of these 2 men aged 23 years and 24 years respectively. Killed in the line of work! I read their families’ obituaries placed in the papers, thanking all who tried to lessen their heart ache.

Weather is reported to be at 34 degrees celcius. We had 35 degrees celcius! It is crazy heat wave in March. I shudder to think what June to August temperatures we will get given these are our hottest months!

Joseph Schooling our national swimmer sliced off more seconds in the fly event for trials. Good to know that though he is a sophomore at U of Texas, he is still training hard.

Meanwhile columnist Sumiko Tan is griping on her new year resolution of reading 50 books in 2016. It is March and she moans that she has not even completed one book!

Hmm…my own check at NY resolutions showed me that I was on track for being civil and a tad kinder to my Ex Boyfriend, a.k.a Mr Ex! LOL!

Our local Spelling Bee has attracted close to 1,800 students! An all time high participation. Yup, we have smart kids here.

As I pored over the newspapers, I read of how a singleton bought a government 2 bedroom flat and took pains to make it “grubby chic” – worn look with taste! New descriptive words for interior design ha ha! Paying a bomb to make your apartment look “grubby” – so much for my sense and sensibility 😊

Meanwhile, kind Dr Lui has remembered me. I got his Easter greetings whilst he was on ward rounds. I thought nobody cared. He did! So did Mr Lawyer from Perth, WA. Nice to be remembered as I often wondered when I cease to exist, will anyone miss meπŸ˜‰

Monday beckons and I dread the work week.

Ms 17 years at work with Electrical Lord has plunged 2 knives in my back during Saturday evening.

Monday will be painful removal as I will get beration from Electrical Lord.

Office politicks suck and if I was an evil witch with witchery skills…boy oh boy…would I cast spells on the evil folks such that they know what pain is!

Yup it is Sunday folks….Monday is on the horizon and I dread it with every drop of blood in me! Sigh….πŸ˜•