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on April 27, 2016

Mr Ex gamely asked what do I write on my blog posts.

Mr Ex has a blog post too and hosted on WordPress as well but he bemoans the fact that he gets little response.

“Do you read other people’s blog posts?” I asked with glassy wide eyes to act innocently so as not to show him as being you know…DUH!! LOL!

“No, I do not read their posts, nor do I respond to their comments,” he said.

“Silly you!” I hissed back. The adder has to appear after a while as this is truly blog post manners right?!

I have read his posts and besides reeking of holier than thou articles and motivational rah rah of his this or that, it is hard for me to relate to as it is heavy reading.

Bone dry content! Lighten up dude and write something people can relate to or read for fun. Be silly! He cannot hang loose as he is often in a monkey suit like the run of the mill passe business men style.

He the shot me the “I deserve” it question!

“What do you write on?” His eyes betrayed the “since you so smart” look…

I am to me, an accidental writer. I write about anything or everything that comes into my itty bitty head.

It can be something that someone commented or said.

It can be something written in print.

It can be about my evil workplace and gawd knowd how much I have written on these.

It can be about nature.

It can be about the news.

It can be about my illness.

It can most definitely be about my inanimate furball Garfield❤

Truly, I am never at a loss for words thus far. I babble like the proverbial babbling brook.

Being a verbose person, he suggested I write a book! Each chapter could comprise several posts. This is a rather nice accolade from him as he thinks I am capable of writing a book, albeit in virtual style.

Nah!! Too much work…I am happy so long as I can elicit a laugh out of a person reading my posts, it makes my day!

I get a “like” – I jump up and down in joy! Little things make me happy😉

It is not about seeing a copy of my book in the E book store or bricks and mortar store.

I cannot visualise self at book signing corners at stores.. with my squiggly fowl will not make written sense!

It would be nice and memorable but I have no legacy to leave to anyway.

Unless my furballs count ha ha!


10 responses to “Topics

  1. scifihammy says:

    The camaraderie from the WP community is awesome. It makes the day light up when you get nice responses, or ‘chat’ to someone across the globe.
    I agree with you – there has to be two-way communication, and comments replied to and given. Surprisingly, there are a lot of blogs out there like Mr Ex’s, where they write and expect to receive accolades, without ever participating. I find that rather pompous.

  2. Mon ☠ says:

    Hmm… doesn’t read other people’s blogs and not respond to comments? I wonder where the problem may be……

  3. HN says:

    lol. GH–you seem confident that Mr Ex will not ever read this post 🙂

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