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Dr Mark Sinclair, Chiropractor

on May 28, 2016

Dr Mark Simclair practises in Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.

I am one who visualises chiropractors as “cracking” this or that bone or joint!

I have seen how Mr X pays a hefty sum for each session of alternative therapy only to hear a “crack” here and there and cringe!

I immediately visualise all “them bones coming asunder” as if like Jenga toppling πŸ˜‚

So when sister swore by Dr Mark as “good”, I was wary….very wary!

But by noon time, my thighs were screaming foul…pain in measurement of 9 out of my pain Richter scale of maximum 10.

Hobson’s choice, I had to go as Auckland has more chiropractors than medical specialists readily available.

Thankfully sister knows him well and he saw me as a squeezed in patient.

My trouble begins… in the pain department.

My admiration for Dr Mark went up a notch when he warned me against letting any chiropractor manipulate my bones or joints!

His technique was nerve manipulations and using the brain with zones mapped out, he treats pain through points, no accupressure but nerve manipulation.

I was “pinched” and poked or prodded with fingers but felt good relieve after.

My problem lies with no follow up on nerve injury post operation.

My chin and head postures were not aligned and my feet were walking out of sync with my hip.

I was told not to sleep with a pillow and that I needed 3 sessions or more to resolve my pain.

Admittedly, he said that I have high threshold for pain and he hoped that I could have all that removed.

Trouble is….how do I find time npw hanging around Albany area to sort self out through his treatment and forego sightseeing….my conundrum!

Ah well….we will see where I visit today… journey continues on!

P.s. Dr Mark Sinclair is located at 10 Oteha Valley Road, Albany Auckland, Ph 4780909. His charges can range $100 upwards.

14 responses to “Dr Mark Sinclair, Chiropractor

  1. As with any professional, the results are determinate on the individual practicing the disipline. I have had good results with chiropractic adjustments in my time. Some were bone-crackers; others were accupressure adherents or nerve stimulators, some used a combination approach, but the final consequences were determined by the skill and knowledge of the Dr. Good luck ! Pain sucks ! ; )

  2. I hope it works well for you, pain is rubbish x

  3. calmkate says:

    I’m sure you will find a way to manage both healing and sight seeing – both are good for you!
    No matter their qualifications some people CAN heal and some just can’t.

  4. scifihammy says:

    If he can help you to relieve pain in the future, it might be worth fitting in a few more sessions. πŸ™‚
    He seems to know his profession very well – as in not “breaking’ your bones!

  5. There is so much myth and misunderstanding about Chiropractic Physicians. As there is no one diet to create good health, there is no one Chiropractic technique to restore good health. A good physician will perform a thorough examination to determine the appropriate course of action to restore function (health) and alleviate pain in the process. Some people require neuromuscular work, some require joint manipulation (with and without cavitation,) some require dietary changes and some require hormonal re-balancing. I cringe when any doctor criticizes any particular technique because they all offer value under the right circumstances.

    I am glad this doctor has alleviated some fear as well as some pain. You should go with your intuition whether follow up visits will be appropriate and beneficial. I hope your condition resolves as quickly as possible to provide you the maximal opportunity to enjoy your time with family on this vacation.

  6. Neethu says:

    Hope your pain is releived soon..

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