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Waitoki & Helensville – Macnuts & Swiss Chockies – Day 7

on May 31, 2016

The weather is blithering cold this morning with strong winds greeting me as we huddled into the car.

Seriously, I am so wrapped up that if I topple over, I will not be able to get up..ha ha like an overturned turtle on its back😉

Our journey today was to Waitoki and then to Helenville where we wanted to seek out the Macadamia nut factory with a cafe where we would have lunch.

Along the way through Waitoki, we chanced upon Swiss bliss…chocolates made by a swiss lady.

We tried chilli chocolates and pralines. Not too bad after learning from her that her cocoa beans or chocolates come from Ecuador.

Not cheap as a smallish 50g bar costs $13 and to me, it was not impressive. Maybe I am fussy, being used to fine chockies from lil red dot made by the Chocolatiers there.

Still, in support of her business we bought 2 small bars for nephew and my sister.

Off we then went in search of the nutty farm.



Macadamia trees and raw nuts on the tree.

Being winter, the factory was shut and a few remnant packs were left on the shelf.

I took some interesting photos to share.

Paw paw trees or papaya trees with interesting fruits.



These hang differently from those on our local trees.

Lunch was interesting for me as I decided to have a breakfast plate at $18.50


Bro had a Thai Beef Salad at $16.50.


All cooked by Chinese.

8 responses to “Waitoki & Helensville – Macnuts & Swiss Chockies – Day 7

  1. Tree pictures interesting, never seen those nuts growing. But now…I NEED CHOCOLATE!!Hope you’re enjoying your trip, stay warm!

  2. honey bee says:

    Yeah those papaya trees looking different ☺

  3. Second the observation on papaya trees, Nigeria ones (in the south at least) hang differently from these – interesting world, I wonder how this tastes like.

    Thanks for sharing these photos, looks like you’re having lots of fun 🙂

  4. Neethu says:

    Simply wow..the papaya tree though looks a bit different..m sure your enjoying your trip and I get to virtually toooo💕💕

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