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Day 3 – Maungauika, Story Of A Mountain


This is a strategic look out point for the army in the 1800s. It was also very useful for World War 2.

North Head Field base is located on top of a hill that takes many steps to climb up and see the panaromic view.

Unfortunately, weather was ducky and I did not want to chance climbing more than 50 steps on a stone moss covered staircase to reach the top to see the meuseum.

All I could take was this view once we drove up the hill.

Dinner was of course, Fish & Chips πŸ˜‰ at NZD15.50 a plate at Postman Leg’s at Glenfield.



Day 2 – Part 2 Takapuna Beach

A picture paints a thousand words…





And of course we must have food….


Nephew’s friend brought over a plate of sushi and my sis cooked up a storm!!


The slabs of BBQ ribs had no room on the table. 

It was whalloped separately…finger licking good too ha ha!


Day 2 – Henderson Lake

I woke up in my service apartment to see the glorious rainbow in front of me.

A good omen chorused mum! This is a good thing to greet you in the morning! πŸ˜„


First stop…Henderson Lake. I was told by bro in law that this used to be a volcano till it erupted and became a lake.

Located some kilometres from the city of Auckland, I was told it is a popular place for kayaking, picnics and a natural breeding ground for swans.


Scenic and idyllic I ran towards the waters, as if like a magnet pulling a nail.

Well technically, I ambled as I am no runner. πŸ˜‚



The jetty appealed to me and I had visions of me fishing off it.


But on closer scrutiny into the waters, I saw the thick weeds.


Vegetation for the swans….not for my fishing tackle!


Then the swans voted with their feet!


Time to go…next destination, Takapuna Lake.


Spotting Garfield In Kiwi Land


NZD79.99 for top and NZD 79.99 for pants.

To pay NZD160.00 for a set of PJs….too much!!


NZD4.99 for a mug….probably will break in my luggage…

Sadly, I gave it a miss!


Kiwi Land – Arrival – Day 1


Kiwi Land has a not too small airport …at least larger than Perth, Western Australia but smaller than our Changi Airport at lil red dot!

But boy oh boy, their immigration officers are strict and especially gruffy if you do not listen to their questions and answer them.

An Indian visitor was in line before me and was snapped at as he was clearing customs.

I am a fast learner.

I declared as I stood before the customs officer.

“No fruit, no veggies, no soil on my shoes. I have 10 spinal implant and would light up like a Christmas tree, I stuffed cat…stuffed toy (my inanimate fur ball Garfield), prescribed prescribed medicines and I four finger bar Kit Kat!” “Not even tea!” said with a huge SMILEπŸ˜ƒ

The gruffy officer SMILED BACK!

I then told him instead of repeating to every visitor they should record the list of things and play it for each visitor to listen. Too tiring for him I felt and articulated to him.

His reply was ” it is the law. We must say it”

We connected and I breezed through.

A beagle and a black retriever sniffed at my bags and it both got a pat on the head by my brother!

We were off!

Our adventures begin…


My Trip Begins….

Electrical Lord worked me till midnight because he said I was going on vacation the next day!

His evilness precedes him πŸ˜‰

Slept at 2am after packing and waking at 6.30am to start my day at Immigration as I have had no personal time to collect my passport till today.


At 7.30am, a snaking queue had formed and I was amused as this epitomises our lil red dot culture of queuing!

My appointment was at 8.15am. I was worried by the time my turn came, I would have missed my appointment!

A nice “uncle” security guard assured me 5 minutes and I would be in front of the officer at level 2.

True enough at 8.05, my number was called.

Counter girl at immigration was polite and we chatted as she got my new passport done up with biometrics taken.

In 10 minutes I was out of the door!

Great service, great efficiency!

Thumbs up to the service personnel.

Home I went to get Garfield my inanimate furball spruced up and donning a new jumper suit as it is 15 C in Kiwiland.

We cannot have frozen paws!! LOL!

I am ready for my new adventure away from evilness. 

Where wifi permits…I will blog πŸ˜‰


Best Friends


*Image courtesy of internet


True Meaning Of A Marriage

With full rights too….


*Image courtesy of internet



The Bamboo in the wind swayed,
But the dark skies stayed.

Will rain pelt heavily and stream away?
Instead the pitter patter of raindrops on panes stayed.

I have not in a long while prayed!
Whatever for as I have nothing like an ass to bray!

My days at work are long, if only I could put it away in trays!

Come Tuesday, off like a buck I’d not stay,
A plane to catch, off I go, no more nerves frayed.

A holiday I look forward to indeed 😊

Chillax…..when I return…a decision I must make 😊


And So The Story Goes #25

This just in from Mr Ex…..

Mr Ex

Poor you πŸ˜•
Hope you had some dinner at least!

Mr Ex

“After the Congress, one lady rushed towards me.

She was almost out of breath as she heaped praises after praises on me.

“Thank you. Thank you.

“You changed my life.”

At that point, you can imagine I was really taking it all in.

“You are so wise. And you have such a great sense of humour. So charismatic!”

I could not help feeling that my feet was levitating off from the ground.

I was so elated and all set to fly to the beautiful moon.

Then, she asked me, “Are you Mr Y?”

Ego deflated ……Mr Ex walked away ha ha!!

Lol!!! πŸ‘

Silence ensued…And So The Story Goes….