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Gentle Reminder…..



Dinner is simple fare,
No fuss and without care!

I eat to live or live to eat?

Definitely I eat to live,
Without much to give!

Time is not in my favour,
And so dinner is not of much flavor!

Some dine in pomp and pageantry,
Amidst all gallantry!

Fine cuisine I am not a fan,
Most foods are usually banned.

Simple fare, simple fare,
Sometimes fruits to pare.

Others eat a meal that costs four figures!
Others barely have a meal with figures!

Simple fare, simple fare,
The lesser we gorge, the better our welfare.

Life’s lessons, less is more!
We cannot be greedy to the core😉


Caesar Salad….

I love Caesar Salad with salad dressing on the side.

But after seeing this and wondering if indeed Caesar salad had something to do with Julius Caesar😨….I think maybe Chef Salad is safer 😂


Trump Jokes #2

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Brexit & Soccer Alike

I did not for one minute think this outcome for European Cup!

Iceland is champ…..



I used to struggle with math! 

Logically it was illogical to me as who cares if train A left at 10am and train B left 10 minutes after and what time will they both meet?!

Sine, Co Sine or Fx is function of this or that…😱

I wanted to see practicality and I could not see it as useful.

Yet, my lil red dot is an island state that is lauded for its Math and countries like USA are buying our locally produced math assessment books.

Ok ok so I am AB Normal…abnormal!!

I am not the majority of math brilliant solvers! So long as I can add my pay check or balance my income and expenditure without a federal deficit…then phew😤I am in the black or break even😉

Don’t get me started on financial or management accounting!

Debit or credit this or that? Clueless!

Gee I always forget if I am buying a foreign currency from a money exchanger, am I buying or selling?

Which column should I use to see the right rate of exchange! 

Hmm is the bank or money exchanger “selling” or “buying” from me?

These things confuse me. I usually trust the person over the counter and never commit to memory!

I have bigger things to fry….my poor brain has loads of other stuff to fathom and since I am not changing gazillions…it is to me statistically insignificant! LOL!

NO WONDER I ain’t rich!! Ha ha


Phone Whisperer

I am one of those who has to rely on wifi for work.

LOL! I can understand the person who created this poster!


Trump Jokes


I laughed when I saw this…..Trump is interestingly controversial and from what I am reading like all….it seems the voters have a tough call to make!

May the right leader rise….


Always On Your Mind


I like reading such posters.

This brings me to think thoughts….office politics!

Ms Tripod loves knifing me in the back and today I discovered the untruths she has been peppering the light eared elephant sized ears of Electrical Lord.

She is the “favorite pet” of EL.

Why? She tittle tattles, adds salt, pepper and sugar to spice up office politics.

Today she accused me of as usual not doing work. Only she works…I forget. Only she is the BEST!😂

For her to play this game, I must be on her mind 150% of the time isn’t it?

Her plotting and scheming is purrfect.

Today Mr Snake came to see me, citing that Ms Tripod tittle tattled to him that Ms Vendetta is rumor mongering about he having a torrid affair with another female in the office who was recently fired.

He said he wanted to resign as this was “bad”

As usual, my answers in advice to him were “if you are not in the situation described, why quit? By quitting you fuel the rumor. If it is not true content, IGNORE…sticks and stones right?”

For the life of me, I cannot fathom these office politics!

Ms Tripod must be so obsessed with me in her hare brained mind to keep plotting me out.

Isn’t it a mental torture for her?

If she wanted my position – I overtly welcomed her to take it if she has the capability.

In that same vein….she is on my mind as I cannot figure out why human kind has such species to keep stirring issues within the office.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we live and let live?!

Earn and let others learn.

Grow and let others grow.

Fear not competition but welcome healthy rivalry as it challenges us.

Last but not least….do no harm and help with heart and passion not for reciprocity.

Hmmm….who died and made me a bard and a sage eh😉???!!!!

Ommmmm…..ommm mani pad homm….

It is hard to be all that as I am human and total forgiveness is really trying!!


True Or False?


Possibly true for some rich folks I know who complain their wives took them to the cleaners…but hey it is the price they paid for “mistresses” on the side