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Morning Glory Caught In Its Splendour


I took this photo Sunday morn of this creeping plant called “Morning Glory”

This is one of a few varieties used as hedges here as it is decorative and blooms daily.

Called “Morning Glory” because this flower will bloom in the mornings and by noon, it will curl up and literally drop dead!

So…in the morning with all its crowning glory and on the witching hour of high noon….it is no longer a glory but a shrivelled dead “bud”

Easy to care for, all it needs is water and sunshine plus regular pruning else it becomes a jungle out there!


School: Kindy, College or Graduate Kind?

Should I go back to school,
And act not like a fool?

Carrying books as tools,
Or tablets and mobile devices to look cool?

Googling to avoid looking like a fool,
Research need not be restricted in school.

A struggling student I’d not be school,
As I have worked and saved pennies into a pool!

I don’t have pennies in a huge pool,
Maybe more like sauce pan pool!

With seasonal weather in the land of school,
Winter wear knitted and made of wool.

Lamingtons would make me drool,
These are snacks I must never buy in school!

Should I go back to school?
Eeenie, meenie, miny moe,
Catch a spider by its toe!

Hmm….anaesthesia wiped out my nursery rhyme too!

I wonder if I am verbose enough to churn out a thesis still?


Not A Whole Lot…..


It is Sunday…..not a whole lot gets done but chores and home stuff ha ha! Happy Sunday!


Life Is Like A Rose…


We all have our fair share of twits in life!

Some twits are genuine twits that are easily forgiveable.

Some twits are typically annoying and these twits ought to be shut out!

Some twits are revengeful, always full of jealousy such that they must get the full attention of power source.

Some twits are just arrogant as they feel they know everything!

Some twits act like gods and goddesses….they think they are omnipresent.

Life is indeed like a rose, glamourised as a beautiful living experience but ohhhhh….we do have to deal with pricks as twits are thorny buggers!


Aussies & Kiwis Are Fuss Free…


Having travelled to lands where I can fish in winter during our usual summer months, I have come to observed at the Aussies and Kiwis are fuss free people when it comes to food displays.

But there is one exception…my sister as she is particularly careful with table settings!

Mum complains that sis uses too many food implements ie cutlery and crockery.


My Sister's Dinner Setting When We Ate There

Traditionally asian cuisine is more dramatic. The photo inset above is when we had steam boat or hot pot.

The table was too small and we had another table laden with a separate setting for shellfish as I am allergic to shellfish and crustaceans.

Mr Wine Man in Perth had us over for a meal once and he and his wife made us chow down with no formalities!

We used our fingers for ribs off the barbie hot coals and his wife had a bowl of giant salad.

Beer and wine were plentiful as he owned a vineyard.

So when I chanced upon the photo with the words “Australian fine dining” it prompted me to write this post.

Food tastes better with less pomp, good vino and great company is my take😉

More importantly, it united people🍻🍷🍺🍸


Birds Can Sing

In my lil red dot, we have men who really treasure their feathered friends.

One such person is Mr Bird Man. He keeps “merbuks” and he is serious about his singing friends that he actively enters them into singing contests.


The birds in cages are hung up and covered before the start of the singing competition in a heartland area. (*heartland means government housing areas that house more than 80% of our population)


People who are bird lovers will mill around with owners as the birds sing their hearts out.


Winners walk away with trophies.


Interesting to know that this is a hobby and love of men.

Ha ha Mr Bird Man shared that he became a “grand dad” – he was much too young to be one and I was befuddled.

Then I saw the hatchlings in the photo and realised he was referring to his pet birds!






There are days that I need to be in solitude, to recharge and rethink.

Sheesh! I will never achieve the state of nirvana but I like to pretend that that I could if I practised long enough.

No! No! Do not picture me sitting in meditation pose and chanting sutras.

My mind is worst than a monkey’s workshop sometimes arguing with life as to why this or why that?!

Myriads of whys but no sound answer really!

Conundrum of life where one plods on in the journey without destination…at least for me ha ha!

Often times we are worriers! Other times sometimes optimistic and realistically pessmistic.

I am risk averse and my view point is, “if I can prevent an accident or incident, why not do it?”

Therein lies the flaw of my views.

Not everyone thinks like me. Optimists say, “nawww it will never happen to me!” And they continue on.

But my rhetorical question is..”what if”

If I am wobbly on my feet when I am older in years, I will not hesitate to use a walking stick.

In my younger and current years, I had to use a walking frame whilst recovering from surgical interventions on my spine.

My spinal issues taught me the importance of enduring no incidents or accidents else I will forever never walk or move…I will then epitomise the “living dead” – this is worst!

So, when I meet seniors who are wobbly and grabbing on anything along their paths for support and using their unclean hands to chow down after, I forsee a bacterial infection on the horizon.

As seniors their immunity is not as resistant and it may morphed into a life threatening situation.

I have seen how cancer does not kill but the heart that fails or the lungs that accumulate fluids or coughs that become pneumonia.

So it frustrates me to bellow to seniors who are hard of hearing and wobbly.

If I am hard of hearing, I will try hearing aids as I do not like living in a soundless world.

Why live without music, laughter or sounds when there are aides to help restore sound?

Call it pride or obstinacy perhaps?

Yes….solitude as it allows me focus on purpose and perhaps find out if I live a purpose driven life or am I just fighting life.

It gets tiring.

The days ahead for me is challenging.

Personally I have 2 major projects to start and take over.

Professionally, work challenges abound. My daily work extensions get longer and encroach on my weekends when I lug work home! I feel so “screwed”


But in any case…I do not want to get fired though daily threats from Electrical Lord reminds me of it.

Friday I had fire a staff but she deserved it as she bit the hands of Electrical Lord by telling new joiners to resign as this was a “hell hole” but she does not resign. This caused chaos in the department she worked in. Was she knowingly destructive or being honest?


Back to solitude….just me and my inanimate furball Garfield….wading through think thoughts and figuring out my challenges ahead and finding coping skills!


100% Sound Advice


Are women perceived that way by men? They do seem to drone off…😉


The Ultimate Blonde Joke