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a long-eared, slow, patient, sure-footeddomesticated mammal, Equus asinus,  related to the horse, used chiefly as a beast of  burden.

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Sunday….Day Before Monday….Workday…

I need laughs. 

My saturday whizzed by on account of work matters.

My Sunday will start once I open my laptop to work on darn KPIs…I assure you, Electrical Lord is clueless on KPIs yet he enunicates it with loads of wisdom! As much wisdom as a goalie who keeps moving the goal post.

This KPI attempt is my 30th try!

How in his electrically short circuited brain defines Human Resources to be a profit center? I am to make PROFITS!

I told him if he wants that, it must be a shared SERVICE CENTER concept.

But ohhh nooo, I am disallowed from charging other business units.

Hmm….I could prostitute the entire HR team my silent voice screamed in my head! Aaarrrgh!!!

I would love to speak my mind!!

Electrical Lord says stop arguing!


Hmm….since I do not drink alcohol and stopped fizzy drinks….does it mean my brain has no tonics?

But how come Electrical Lord chuggs alcohol like no tomorrow and so is he a drunk or connoisseur?

Probably both LOL!😂

Aargggh….Monday begins soon my folks! Happy Sunday 😊

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New Buzz Words In Lil Red Dot…To Me, That Is


Recently revived in lil red dot to mean living like a pauper in terms of material things.

Lesser things mean lesser clutter, more room as our apartments or living space gets increasingly lesser.

No furniture or maximum just a chair to sit on or floor to offer guests is good enough.

Don’t get me wrong- we are not going back to Tarzan or stone age days as we still need our stove, refrigerators, airconditioners, UHDTV 4K or go the whole 9 yards with 8K TV!


The dramatic turn of violence spreading around the world has re-emphasised the need for “co-existence”

As a citizen of lil red dot with 4 major ethnic groups, I fight to maintain my share in ensuring this together with all 5.5 million people here.

We are Singaporeans, regardless of race, language or religion.

We sup with Malays, Indians, Chinese and Eurasians.

We schooled together. We call each other’s parents respectfully as Uncles and Aunties.

I remember Ivan’s wife who cooks a mean “Devil’s Curry” and her “upside down pineapple cake”

I love eating Faridah’s mee rebus (yellow noodles with gravy served with hard boiled egg, green chillis and spring onion garnishing with fried dried shallots) and Kueh Tart (*pineapple tarts)

Murukus from Amani’s kitchen is a must during Diwali or Ponggal.

As for Chinese, we have hosts of festivities ranging from Lunar New Year, dumpling festival, Ghost Month (starting 9 August for this 2016 year), Mooncake Festival, 9th God Birthday, Winster Solstice or Tang Yuen etc etc.

I am sad with the attacks ongoing in France and pockets of terroism popping up.

I need my lil red dot safe and secure.

My Garfields and I need it 😉


My Exit, In Style….

If my executor would do this for me….I will most definitely go in style….colorful and fun 😉


A Definition Of Camping 


Pokemon Go #5


All About Expo Events

My heart missed several beats today as I had planned to take my parents on a drive to have lunch and then to Expo hall at Changi in the east to “shop”

Before I could extricate self from home, 15 messages came through whats app.

Ms Tripod was told by me to get her welders to stop welding in an area with flammable wood cabinets.Safety risks I said!! Fire!!

15 messages later, the site was cleared 😓phew!!

Onward ho to my planned outing….or so I thought! Think again…

I thought I could drive in peace to my parents place to get them for lunch.

Midway, text messages came through from Ms Marketer.

She is a heavy chain smoker and quite a difficult person. She is in her late 30s and thinks she is rather mature!

However I am immature😉 – I refuse to be mature…

She cannot accept that one of her part timer had a family emergency! Hence this person could not show up for a trade show today. How can one prevent a family emergency.

She added that another threatened her not to show up for work tomorrow too.

Sheesh!! 2 days back her other 2 part timers wanted to walk out on her as her manner of managing them was unacceptable by the part timers.

I had brought peace to these 2 and they stayed on. They said they stayed because of me. I felt happy!

I guess it is how you treat people. If you treat people badly, they will not reciprocate with niceties!

So texting whilst driving was not wise but I had to put out this fire. I told her I would get to the trade show later.

Meanwhile another call comes in. 

Someone is at a location 20 minutes from where I am but without keys!! Aaargh!!

I drove like hell’s angels to pick up my folks and dashed off to the location to pass them the spare set of keys!! Phew…thank goodness I had a spare key with me.😤

Finally..brought mum and dad to Newton Circus for a popular mince pork noodles.

Touted as a good bowl of noodles, mum and dad chowed down whilst I furiously tapped on my android to resolve manpower issues.

Thankfully Mr Bucktooth was in the ball in the office and he could back me up by getting uniforms to the trade show.

He will meet me there. Houston….we have a plan!

Thankfully my parents were a good sport and went with me for the trade show.

Mum was concerned I had no time to chow down but I had no choice. 

Ms Marketer was hitting me left right with messages.

Like ping pong, I served back replies!

Finally I got to the trade show…all is calm…seriously a small hiccup was made into as if like Hiroshima’s detonation of a nuclear bomb!!

I need a shot of vodka really……but if only I drank!! Lol! I settled for a glass of lemon juice hand pressed!😂


Rosewood Furniture In Peranakan Design

Bird Man loves antiquities and the arts as in bird cages with Ming or Qing Dynasty water holders for birds to take sips of water from.

He showed me this photo of exquisitely carved rosewood furniture in ornate Peranakan design.

Peranakan is a culture of the Straits people. A mix of Indonesian, Malay and Chinese.

I am somewhat a Peranakan and I can speak Malay, Chinese and English.

The senior women are called “bibiks”and they are usually garbed in elegant silk like tops and sarongs (wrap round skirt in batik style) which are held by a thick metal belt that is also elegantly threaded in metal.

Buttons for the top is not our usual buttons used to secure one’s modesty but huge gold gilded leaf designs with safety pin like clasp to secure the blouse.

Shoes are hand beaded covers and open toes for manicured nails to peep through.

Peranakan food is delicate with spices and there is one particularly unique dish called Buah Keluak or Betel Nut that has to be soaked more than 3 nights to rid the toxins before cracking it open to boil for hours before you can cook it with chicken or pork.

These are solid rosewood chairs and Bird Man shared with me that it is the “in” thing now for choice of furniture.

The set he showed in these photos of his, cost many zeroes.

For me, I feel furniture is subjective. 

Some like it Ikea style.

Some like it ornate and bulky like rosewood furniture, not offering comfort for couch potatoes to slump in. By the way Rosewood furniture is great for back sufferers.

Some like putting butt in a bucket seat.

Some like sinking into a bean bag.

Some like sitting on tatami mats.

As for me, I have rosewood…back sufferer remember….10 screws…titanium rods …solid rosewood furniture that is hard and good for my spine.

But mine is not ornate. Simple and plain design like my credenza shown below.

Perhaps mine can become priceless over time…a gift from mum as she paid figures for me to ensure I have good furniture to sit on and not rattan furniture that I used to own😊

Mums are priceless and generous. 

I am blessed.


A Smart Elderly Gent


Pokemon Go #4

Seriously….Pokemon Go is ruffling alotta feathers….I wonder how my lil red dot will tackle it once it is rolled out in Asia?

How will we react I wonder?

As it is now, we are playing imaginary Pokemon Go amongst my colleagues. Well actually 2 guys and I. We would imagine them monsters hiding in places that would irk our dear ol’ Electrical Lord ha ha! 

Cheap thrill on our part to keep selves happy  😂