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Rosewood Furniture In Peranakan Design

on July 29, 2016

Bird Man loves antiquities and the arts as in bird cages with Ming or Qing Dynasty water holders for birds to take sips of water from.

He showed me this photo of exquisitely carved rosewood furniture in ornate Peranakan design.

Peranakan is a culture of the Straits people. A mix of Indonesian, Malay and Chinese.

I am somewhat a Peranakan and I can speak Malay, Chinese and English.

The senior women are called “bibiks”and they are usually garbed in elegant silk like tops and sarongs (wrap round skirt in batik style) which are held by a thick metal belt that is also elegantly threaded in metal.

Buttons for the top is not our usual buttons used to secure one’s modesty but huge gold gilded leaf designs with safety pin like clasp to secure the blouse.

Shoes are hand beaded covers and open toes for manicured nails to peep through.

Peranakan food is delicate with spices and there is one particularly unique dish called Buah Keluak or Betel Nut that has to be soaked more than 3 nights to rid the toxins before cracking it open to boil for hours before you can cook it with chicken or pork.

These are solid rosewood chairs and Bird Man shared with me that it is the “in” thing now for choice of furniture.

The set he showed in these photos of his, cost many zeroes.

For me, I feel furniture is subjective. 

Some like it Ikea style.

Some like it ornate and bulky like rosewood furniture, not offering comfort for couch potatoes to slump in. By the way Rosewood furniture is great for back sufferers.

Some like putting butt in a bucket seat.

Some like sinking into a bean bag.

Some like sitting on tatami mats.

As for me, I have rosewood…back sufferer remember….10 screws…titanium rods …solid rosewood furniture that is hard and good for my spine.

But mine is not ornate. Simple and plain design like my credenza shown below.

Perhaps mine can become priceless over time…a gift from mum as she paid figures for me to ensure I have good furniture to sit on and not rattan furniture that I used to own😊

Mums are priceless and generous. 

I am blessed.


5 responses to “Rosewood Furniture In Peranakan Design

  1. samanthamurdochblog says:

    Love the furniture pictures, beautiful quality! What a lovely mum you have! Interesting facts also-thank you : ) x

  2. Beautiful furniture!

  3. calmkate says:

    Glad you have such a kind Mum – would love to see a photo of that traditional dress, shoes for the women? And maybe photos of the food dishes? thanks!

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