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New Buzz Words In Lil Red Dot…To Me, That Is

on July 31, 2016


Recently revived in lil red dot to mean living like a pauper in terms of material things.

Lesser things mean lesser clutter, more room as our apartments or living space gets increasingly lesser.

No furniture or maximum just a chair to sit on or floor to offer guests is good enough.

Don’t get me wrong- we are not going back to Tarzan or stone age days as we still need our stove, refrigerators, airconditioners, UHDTV 4K or go the whole 9 yards with 8K TV!


The dramatic turn of violence spreading around the world has re-emphasised the need for “co-existence”

As a citizen of lil red dot with 4 major ethnic groups, I fight to maintain my share in ensuring this together with all 5.5 million people here.

We are Singaporeans, regardless of race, language or religion.

We sup with Malays, Indians, Chinese and Eurasians.

We schooled together. We call each other’s parents respectfully as Uncles and Aunties.

I remember Ivan’s wife who cooks a mean “Devil’s Curry” and her “upside down pineapple cake”

I love eating Faridah’s mee rebus (yellow noodles with gravy served with hard boiled egg, green chillis and spring onion garnishing with fried dried shallots) and Kueh Tart (*pineapple tarts)

Murukus from Amani’s kitchen is a must during Diwali or Ponggal.

As for Chinese, we have hosts of festivities ranging from Lunar New Year, dumpling festival, Ghost Month (starting 9 August for this 2016 year), Mooncake Festival, 9th God Birthday, Winster Solstice or Tang Yuen etc etc.

I am sad with the attacks ongoing in France and pockets of terroism popping up.

I need my lil red dot safe and secure.

My Garfields and I need it 😉


2 responses to “New Buzz Words In Lil Red Dot…To Me, That Is

  1. samanthamurdochblog says:

    Love your definition of minimalism! Singapore sounds really interesting..such a diverse place, so many living quite happily together. Rest of the world could learn from you..

  2. scifihammy says:

    There has to be tolerance for peaceful co-existence. Sadly lacking in the world today.

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